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  1. Since LSPDFR 0.4, this was removed and the callouts are now filtered according to your current character's agency in LSPDFR.
  2. Traffic stops are just via the normal LSPDFR keybinds. The other things you mentioned are part of Patrol Toolkit, not this plugin. The non-callout features in Agency Callouts should all be accessible via the menu, which from memory defaults to CTRL+END.
  3. Ah thank you! I've been checking the RPH site waiting for the update there.
  4. I can look into this once RPH is updated for the latest GTA update, although as far as I know Cayo Perico was only for GTA Online?
  5. There doesn't appear to be anything in the latest version that would cause issues, so it should just work. If you're getting any errors, a log file would be helpful. Unfortunately though, I won't be able to update my plugins until RPH is updated for the latest GTA update.
  6. That log file is exactly the right one Looks like one of the xml files the plugin uses didn't install correctly. You should have a number of XML files in GTA V\Plugins\DarkmyreAPI\ From the log, it seems the ems.xml file is missing. I've attached it here, simply save it to the DarkmyreAPI folder and it should fix the issue. ems.xml
  7. Thanks for the reports guys. It's well past time for me to go through every callout and make sure everything is working correctly in current versions of things. May take a bit of time to get this done, as my GTA hasn't worked properly in a couple of updates.
  8. Unfortunately not, Callout names are set within the code. I'll need to update the plugin for the callout to work again, will try and get that done in the next couple days.
  9. Paramedic mode has been separated into its own plugin to make future development easier:
  10. Nothing can be done with this file, it needs to be the RagePluginHook.log file from your main GTA folder right after you get a crash.
  11. It looks like I messed up the mod description, if you haven't changed the default ini the menu key will be CTRL+END, not CTRL+X. You'll need to change this if you have Agency Callouts or another plugin that uses CTRL+END. If that still doesn't work, please post your RagePluginHook.log
  12. I can't reproduce this crash, so if you can get a log file it'd be helpful. Working on the other issues and should have an update out in the next few days.
  13. Paramedic calls were removed from the latest version of Agency Callouts. They've been split off into a dedicated callout pack just for Paramedic stuff. (The initial release does have some issues with blips not being cleaned up correctly and a couple other issues in the comments, I'm working on a fix for these issues).
  14. Do you have a log from one of the crashes using Paramedic mode? And do you remember which call caused the blip/cruiser to stay? (It shouldn't actually send any vehicle, so I think this is one of the calls that includes a police response that isn't cleaning itself up properly).
  15. Game files being corrupt is usually an issue installing a vehicle or similar (so in your case, either OZGTA or one of the vehicles). Most likely cause is probably a typo in one of the vehicles meta file entries (vehicles.meta, handling.meta etc). Even something as simple as a missing < or > in these files can break the game. These files are XML format, so as a first step I'd be putting any meta files you edited through something like this: Validate XML files (xmlvalidation.com) - it should highlight very quickly if there's an error in one, and usually it'll just be a missing bracket you can add in.
  16. Version 1.0.7726


    Emergency Response currently features the initial set of Paramedic Mode callouts formerly included with Agency Callouts. To go on duty as a Paramedic with Emergency Response, use the plugin menu (CTRL+X by default) to change your Callout Type from Police to Paramedic. You can also use this menu to quickly change to the Paramedic character or spawn in an ambulance, however these are not required. Note that you can only receive Paramedic OR Police calls - enabling Paramedic mode will turn off the LSPDFR Police Radio.
  17. Paramedic mode is no longer part of Agency Callouts.
  18. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.
  19. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.
  20. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.
  21. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.
  22. Sorry, this should be fixed now. If you're still having issues downloading MVGA, you may need to clear your browser cache.
  23. Download should be working again now
  24. Looks like the file got corrupted somehow. I'll get it re-uploaded as soon as I can and let you know (may not be till after NYE).
  25. As far as I know, if it's not available here or on LSPDFR.com, then its no longer available. I'm not even sure if that one was publicly available at some point, a lot of the models I used were given to me by their creators. And no, I can't redistribute someone else's work without their approval. A lot of Aussie cars seem to have been removed due to the nearly endless drama around model theft, unapproved use on fivem servers, etc etc. It sucks for those doing the right thing, but unfortunately with vehicle models the only way to 100% absolutely avoid any of that, is to just never release them to the public.
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