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  1. Benzo

    You could try and replace the visualsettings.dat file. Gonna send you a DM
  2. Benzo

    No problem, Make sure you have a mods folder in your Grand Theft Auto V Open up Open IV and go to this pathway here: mods\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\ Click on Edit mode, Find your taxi.ytd file. Double click that file. You will see a taxi sign named Drag the new dds file from this download and replace the old one and save it. Let me know if you need more help. PS: Easier way is just to download a new Taxi vehicle. I can send you a link and another link to how to install it.
  3. Benzo

    Are you asking how to replace that dds file in open iv?
  4. Benzo

    Are you looking for like the Original Folder to replace the timecycle? I guess I am not understanding your question here.
  5. Benzo

    Glad to see that almost everyone of these callouts still work very well!
  6. Benzo

    Not cool to leave a one star review when you can't get your game to work. Has nothing to do with the mod, but rather the person installing the mod. Secondly, Are you sure you are installing this in the correct way? I just literally installed this not more than a week ago and I can 100% confirm that this mod works great. The only thing that needs to be changed is the "options" in this upload. The author needs to make sure that the timecycle option has the motion blur turned off as it is not working. I have to use the original timecycle file in the update folder to get the motion blur off the game. Other than that, it sounds like a user error to me.
  7. Benzo

    I look forward to trying this out
  8. Benzo

    Hey there Darkmyre. Good to see your site doing well. Just wanted to inform you on the Make VIsuals Great Again mod V. 2.65, the options for motion blur appear to not be working properly. I found the older version that was on the site v 2.60 and I replaced the timecycle with that option and it appears to be working. Thanks just wanted you to know
  9. Benzo

    Graphics are stunning. Day and night cycles are beast mode! I would recommend that take advantage of the options. For example I am not a fan of the motion blur. He also gives you the ability to decrease the glare from the taxi light signs.