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  1. As far as I know, if it's not available here or on LSPDFR.com, then its no longer available. I'm not even sure if that one was publicly available at some point, a lot of the models I used were given to me by their creators. And no, I can't redistribute someone else's work without their approval. A lot of Aussie cars seem to have been removed due to the nearly endless drama around model theft, unapproved use on fivem servers, etc etc. It sucks for those doing the right thing, but unfortunately with vehicle models the only way to 100% absolutely avoid any of that, is to just never release them to the public.
  2. Patrol Toolkit update last night didn't upload properly so the zip file was corrupt. Should be fixed up now!

    Updates to Agency Callouts and Partner are still in the works.

  3. These crashes should be fixed in 4.2
  4. Will try and get a fix out for this in the next few days.
  5. Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
  6. This would be an issue caused by Stop The Ped, and as far as I know the author of that plugin is not interested in making his plugins compatible with other people's. So unfortunately there's nothing really I can do about this issue.
  7. That's a confirmed bug in the current version. Working on a fix.
  8. Darkmyre

    Menu not opening

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Can't Reproduce
  9. Darkmyre

    Menu not opening

    Unable to reproduce, please make sure you're using the latest version of RageNativeUI (currently 1.7, included in the download). If you're still having issues please add your RagePluginHook.log
  10. Darkmyre

    Menu not opening

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  11. It should be working, you just need to confirm the download. In Chrome you'll get a prompt to Keep/Discard - clicking Keep will let the browser download it. Other browsers will probably have different words, but same concept.
  12. Darkmyre


    Where? If it's not on this website, it's quite possibly malware.
  13. Darkmyre


    Old versions are not supported.
  14. Working on plugin updates for LSPDFR 0.4.8 - theres some nice new API features so it might take a few days to get things updated fully.

    1. Joruf


      Will you update Agency callouts ? 🙂

    2. Darkmyre


      Yep, working on a few updates still

    3. Joruf



      Thank you for your hardwork! 🙂



  15. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  16. This is a confirmed bug in the current version. Will be fixed in the next release. Note: I'm in the process of moving my EMS callouts from Agency Callouts to their own dedicated plugin. This bug will be fixed in the initial release of that plugin - the next release of Agency Callouts will not include EMS calls.
  17. Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  18. You probably had the latest version from LSPDFR Comes Alive. Basically, I changed a whole heap of stuff in that version, released it, then remembered my other plugins used the stuff I'd removed and had to add some of it back in to make everything work again.
  19. It does, but it looks like you need to update my DarkAPI to the current version here: https://www.ausgamer.net/files/file/24-darkapi/ The initial update to v5 broke backwards compatibility with some of my older plugins, the latest version there should fix that.
  20. Not entirely sure what you mean there? I am working on a bit of an update, but don't have an ETA just yet.
  21. Hmm, it shouldn't be causing repeated explosions, I'll need to look into that and get it fixed. But in the meantime, you can disable it by deleting GTA\Plugins\DarkmyreAPI\Scenes\mva1.xml
  22. It should happen for most deaths, although due to the way GTA handles player health it cant always trigger. Usually though it'd be things like explosions, fall damage, or other situations where you take a lot of damage quickly. I'll do some testing to make sure nothing's changed in recent GTA/LSPDFR updates.
  23. Not a previously known bug, but it sounds more like a bug than user error. Just to clarify, this is with the calls that have scripted police come to collect the suspect, and not situations where you're calling for prisoner transport?
  24. You could maybe look into compressing some of the larger audio files but I'm not familiar with that personally. I always just grabbed like a half-second recording of silence (makes a tiny wav file) and replace some of the larger sounds with that. Worth listening to the larger sounds before replacing them as some are things like novelty horns that you might like (and doing this will make the things you replace silent in-game).
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