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    Darkmyre Gaming, but on Twitch.
    A great start, especially since you've done more than just a pursuit call. Unfortunately, the current 1.5.1 version most of the calls have either bugs (often plugin-crashing) or immersion issues (eg Stolen Emergency Vehicle always being driven by a cop/paramedic, not a random Ped). Still, overall a solid start to a callout back and I look forward to seeing the current issues fixed up and seeing how amazing this pack can become!
  2. Used this on my stream tonight, was good to have more items, though I did notice a few times I searched I found (big empty screen of nothing).
  3. Yep there was an error in the narcotics.xml. The one attached here should work. You can use a site like https://www.xmlvalidation.com/ to check if they're valid (it obviously can't find all issues as it doesn't know the type of XML document you're trying to use, but it usually finds the most common problems). narcotics.xml
  4. Thanks, I'll do some further testing with these plugins and see if I can find the issue.
  5. Over 75,000 Australian gamers have had their say in the inaugural Australian Games Awards! Trade Media is proud to announce the finalists in the first ever Australian Games Awards as well as new details about the broadcast. Following eleven days and in excess of 75,000 votes, Australian gamers have named their top five to ten across thirty categories. All of these finalists will be showcased live of stage at the first ever Australian Games Awards next Wednesday, December 19 at Big Top in Sydney’s Luna Park. Alongside the finalists reveal, Trade Media is proud to announce that the 2018 Australian Games Awards will be broadcast live on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/australiangamesawards) A special 20-minute, Press Start Pre Show will start the broadcast a 8:10 PM AEDT, with the awards to follow live from 8:30 PM AEDT. In addition to the broadcast, fans can follow the hashtag, #TheAGAs on the night to stay up to date will all the results and fun from the event, and join in the conversation. Here are your 2018 Australian Games Awards Finalists (Alphabetical order); Action/Adventure Title of the Year Assassins Creed: Odyssey Detroit: Become Human God of War Marvels Spider-Man Red Dead Redemption II Audio Brand of the Year Audio-Technica HyperX Logitech G Plantronics Turtle Beach Australian Developed Game of the Year An Aspie Life Damsel Death Squared Florence Hand of Fate 2 Hollow Knight Infliction Paperbark Storm Boy The Gardens Between Breakout Creator of the Year Carlaful Crayator Duke_of_Flukes Pestily Retro Gamer Girl Controller and Accessories Brand of the Year AKRacing Nintendo Official Official PlayStation Official Xbox Razer Cosplayer of the Year Astrokerrie Beke Cosplay CosPlay Chris Infamous by Laura Whereisdanielle Creator of the Year Bajo Deligracy iamfallfromgrace James Turner Lachlan Lazarbeam Loserfruit Muselk TheMasterBucks Vondle Esports Personality of the Year Ben Green Jordan “ElfishGuy” Mays Michelle Mannering Miles Ross Vandie Esports Title of the Year Counter Strike: Global Offensive League of Legends Overwatch Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Siege Rocket League Family/Kids Title of Year Overcooked 2 Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee Spyro Reignited trilogy Super Mario Party Unravel 2 Game Of The Year Assassins Creed: Odyssey Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII Detroit: Become Human Fallout 76 Fortnite God of War Marvel’s Spider-Man Monster Hunter World Red Dead Redemption II Super Mario Party Gaming Publication of the Year Filthy Casuals Podcast Game Informer Australia Game On Australia Good Game Spawn Point Goto.Game IGN Australia Pixel Sift Press-Start Australia Vooks Well Played Independent Game of the Year Celeste Damsel Dead Cells Hollow Knight Storm Boy Journalist of the Year Alice Clarke Derek “Dez” Maggs Hope Corrigan Rae Johnston Shannon Grixti Mixer Creator of the Year Duke of Flukes KTLODO LegendTriks LilDevilTan MissZee Mobile/Handheld Title of the Year Fortnite Octopath Traveller Paperbark Piffle Storm Boy Multiplayer/Online Title of the Year Battlefield V Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII Fortnite Monster Hunter World Sea of Thieves Organisation of the Year Chiefs Esports Club FNATIC Grayhoundgaming Mindfreak Tainted Minds Play of the Year Acez’s 1v4 Ace CJCJ RLCS walkout Dexter Ninja Defuse RizRaz Match Point Clutch (Six Masters 2018: Clubhouse vs Nora-Rengo) Tainted Minds beats Optic Gaming 3-2 in the Pro League Player of the Year Acez-Fnatic Drippay Futwiz Jamie Magnet.fantic Scott “Custa” Kennedy RPG of the Year Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Detroit Become human Kingdom Come: Deliverance Monster Hunter World Pokemon Let’s Go Shooter of the Year Battlefield V Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII Far Cry 5 Fortnite Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Social Media God Bajo genelle_aimee manfightdragon Muselk TheClickCrew Sports, Racing or Fighting Title of the Year Dragonball FighterZ Forza Horizon 4 Mario Tennis Aces NBA 2K19 WWE 2K19 Strategy Title of the Year Frostpunk into the breach The Banner Saga 3 Valkyria Chronicles 4 Table Top of the Year Fallout Wasteland Warfare Good Society: A Jane Austen Roleplaying Game Reign by Garage Games Australia Terrible Candidates The Brigade by RedGenieGames Team of the Year FNATIC – Rainbow Six Grayhound – CS:GO Justice Esports – Rocket League Tainted Minds – COD The Chiefs – Rocket League The Gamechanger Alice Clarke Dr Alayna Cole Max Laughton Rae Johnston Steve Wright Twitch Creator of the Year AstroKittyLive Loserfruit Pestily Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell TobyontheTele YouTube Creator of the Year Bordie Camelworks Deligracy The Sim Supply Zuckles For more information, you can check the official site: https://www.australiangamesawards.com
  6. Can you please upload your RagePluginHook.log from when you've encountered these issues?
  7. Latest version just released should fix that issue.
  8. Looks like I didn't include the right version of the audio folder, I'll get a repack up in the next few hours with the missing files.
  9. Version 2


    Requirements: RPH, LSPDFR, XScanner by Khorio Installation: Remove your current GTA/Plugins/LSPDFR/XScanner/Audio/Default/XCHATTR folder (make a backup first if you want to restore the US audio later). Copy the plugins folder in this zip to your GTA folder. Go in game and on duty, and enjoy the authentic VICPOL radio chatter. All audio recorded via Broadcastify public feeds prior to VICPOL's move to digital encrypted frequencies. Manually edited (including sanitization of personal information) by Darkmyre. Initial release adds roughly 165 new authentic Aussie radio calls to XScanner's background chatter system, heard while on-duty and in/near a police vehicle.


  10. Looks like you're using an outdated version of DarkAPI. You should use the version included (I'll update the stand alone version in a few minutes as it looks like I forgot to do that when I updated it to 4.0)
  11. Can you upload your RagePluginHook.log from when this happened?
  12. Looks like you're missing one or more of the DarkmyreAPI xml files, you'll need to download Patrol Toolkit again and copy these into your GTA folder (should be in GTA\Plugins\DarkmyreAPI). I'll need to look into the Partner search issue, I don't remember actually finishing that feature so it probably shouldn't be in the menu yet.
  13. Hi there, Can you upload your RagePluginHook.log from when this happens? You can find it in your main GTA 5 directory.
  14. Unfortunately not, and at this point I don't think it ever will be.
  15. Australian gamers will have their say, when the Australian Games Awards hits Luna Park this December! Trade Media is proud to announce the launch of the first ever Australian Games Awards (AGAs). The AGAs will be held at Big Top in Sydney’s Luna Park on Wednesday, December 19. The awards will be the most complete recognition of Australian gaming culture, with awards across games, accessories, games journalism, esports and content creation. Built for and voted on by the Australian gaming community, 29 categories will be recognised at the inaugural awards. Nominations have opened today and will run through until midnight AEDT on Sunday, November 18. Voting will then open later that week, closing in early December. In addition to helping decide this year’s winners, 200 Ultimate Fans will also be able to celebrate alongside finalists and the Australian Games Industry. Tickets are available through EB Games, the official retail partner of the AGAs, at $199. Along with all the celebrations, these fans will receive food, drinks, and commemorative exclusive swag – with further inclusions to be announced in the lead up to the event. Speaking on the launch of the Australian Games Awards, Trade Media Director, Joel Van Daal said, “I’m so thrilled to finally reveal the event.” Joel added, “This will be the biggest ever celebration of Australian gaming culture, and will give the community the opportunity to have their say. Games are the premier form of entertainment, and we are just pleased to be able to give them the platform it deserves.” To nominate, secure one of the 200 Ultimate Fan tickets, connect with the event on social media, and for more information, you can check the official site: https://www.australiangamesawards.com. 2018 Award’s List Action/Adventure Title of the Year Audio Brand of the Year Australian Developed Game of the Year presented by Bethesda Breakout Creator of the Year Controller and Accessories Brand of the Year (includes chairs, travel cases etc.) Cosplayer of the Year Creator of the Year Esports Personality of the Year Esports Title of the Year Family/Kids Title of Year Game Of The Year Gaming Publication of the Year Independent Game of the Year presented by Nintendo Journalist of the Year Mixer Creator of the Year Mobile/Handheld Title of the Year Multiplayer/Online Title of the Year Organisation of the Year Play of the Year Player of the Year RPG of the Year Shooter of the Year Social Media God (best use of social media/community engagement) Sports, Racing or Fighting Title of the Year Strategy Title of the Year Team of the Year The Gamechanger (has influenced positive change in games) Twitch Creator of the Year YouTube Creator of the Year Social Media Links Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AustralianGamesAwards Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/AusGamesAwards Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/australiangamesawards/
  16. You might need to install the no-motion-blur optional timecycle.
  17. Patrol Toolkit for running the plate, and Search Warrant for searching the vehicle
  18. This probably means the vehicle isn't fully registered as a 'police vehicle' in the vehicles.meta. In the <flags> section, make sure it has FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT and that should fix it.
  19. what other LSPDFR plugins are you using? I haven't been able to reproduce this so I suspect its some sort of odd plugin conflict.
  20. What issue are you having with downloading the file?
    Very immersive background audio that really improves the overall LSPDFR experience. Instant must-have plugin.
  21. Hmm that is very strange, can you send me the translated xml file and I'll see if I can fix it?
  22. Issues preventing the upload of files over 30Mb to the Downloads module have now been fixed!
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