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  1. Thanks for the log, looks like the callout is bugged. I'll try and get an update out in the next day or two to fix this.
  2. Bring up the Agency Callouts menu (CTRL+End by default), and change this option to Paramedic: You'll need to then switch it back to Police to enable regular calls.
  3. Have you set the callout type to Paramedic in the menu?
  4. There are no issues with the site or server. There's no point "reporting" anything. There is literally nothing that can be done from our side for the small number of people who can't seem to download a file.
  5. Ain't nothing to do with the site, you've downloaded it before.
  6. Get better internet then
  7. I'd need to see the log file from when the crash occurs to know
  8. There doesn't seem to be a crash in that log file.
  9. Not everything needs to be updated with every GTA version.
  10. Are there issues with it in 4.4? If so, it'd be really helpful if you can provide a ragepluginhook.log from when you've experienced the issues.
  11. Nothing there I can do anything about.
  12. Nope, RagePluginHook.log. The one in your main GTA folder is from your last session, previous sessions are in GTA 5\Logs
  13. Can you post your log file from a crash?
  14. You need to create a custom outfit in EUP Menu's Wardrobe for Police Partner to be able to use it. Please note if you're already on duty when you create the outfit, it may not work until the next time you go on duty.
  15. File downloads perfectly fine here.
  16. Can you post a log file from a crash please?
  17. If that doesn't fix it, upload your RagePluginHook.log and we can take a look
  18. EMS calls are only available when set as a Paramedic.
  19. 1. is a problem with ELS, nothing that can be done about that 2. I'll look into that 3. If the bike falls over or is too damaged he wont be able to, this is simply how GTA works with bikes. You need to hold down the interaction button for the dog to get in/out of your car (the car must also have working rear seats, not all custom vehicles do)
  20. Not intentionally, but they appear to be bugged. Should have a fix out sometime over the weekend.
  21. There's no crash from Agency Callouts in that log
  22. Please upload the full log from when this occurs and I can take a look at it.
  23. Looks like the new callout registering isn't successful but not really sure why, it was working fine in testing. I'll do some more testing and see if I can find what's going wrong.
  24. Check which agency you're in, most of them are restricted to one or two different agencies (controlled via this plugins menu, not hooked into LSPDFR 0.4's agencies at the moment). If you set it to "LSPDFR" it will unlock all callouts if you don't like the agency feature. If that doesn't fix your issue please provide a ragepluginhook.log from a game session where you encounter this problem.
  25. I'll try and get an update out to address this over the weekend - looks like it'll need a few code updates as well otherwise I'd just post the updated ini.
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