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  1. Search car I believe is bugged. Run plate should work as long as you've got Patrol Toolkit installed.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This lightweight plugin takes advantage of the iCUE SDK to turn your Function keys (F1-F12) into a virtual lightbar. While in an emergency vehicle with its lights active, your function keys will flash red and blue. Great for first person LSPDFR patrols! This plugin has only been tested on my Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, but should work on any Corsair RGB keyboard with a current version of iCUE and the SDK option enabled. I may add other functionality in the future, but otherwise this is provided as-is.


  3. I'll be adding support for 0.4s new features, but it'll probably be at least a couple of weeks before this is done. In the mean time you can use the Recruit option to recruit a nearby LSPDFR cop as your partner.
  4. Ah so some calls have other requirements... Struck By Vehicle is Paramedic only, so that wont trigger unless you're set to Paramedic. Red Light Violation from memory is set to only spawn in the city - there's no actual way to "detect" traffic lights so this stops calls for red light runners where theres no red lights in sight.
  5. Are you able to trigger them from the Agency Callouts menu directly? Also from some of the log messages there it almost seems like something else broke the callout system entirely.... most of the first image is from other callout packs, failing with "There's already a callout running, aborting!"
  6. This does seem to be the cause of some of the issues. The ones I could reproduce have been fixed, the others may've been fixed by the same fix (either way they're not happening). Just need to fix another issue that's cropped up with 0.4.1 and then I'll have an update out that fixes these problems.
  7. Did I say it was? (Though honestly, it wouldn't surprise me for some of those issues). Now that 0.4.1 is out and fixes the horrendous FPS issues in 0.4, I can actually look into these issues.
  8. Better Advanced Meta should work fine, what issues are you having with it? Regarding the other reported plugin issues, hopefully now that LSPDFR 0.4.1 is out I'll be able to get them fixed. I was having a lot of performance issues with 0.4 that made it unpleasant to even try and work on things.
  9. Yeah, Stop The Ped isn't compatible with a bunch of other plugins sorry, you'll need to contact its dev and ask him to fix it.
  10. Using which plugin for prisoner transport?
  11. @SpanglishKing I couldn't reply to your support question for some reason, but yes this is compatible with LSPDFR 0.4. Only plugin of mine that currently has issues is Agency Callouts which should hopefully be updated later this week.
  12. Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug Changed Fixed In to 1.0.6553
  13. Make sure you install all the files, I'd guess you didn't install the updated version of my API.
  14. That's my bad, forgot to update the documentation it seems. People were complaining about the dog getting in/out by itself so I added a keybind for it. You'll need to press DPad Left while standing near your vehicle for the dog to get in/out (currently not customizable as this update was kinda rushed for 0.4).
  15. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1
  16. Unfortunately I've been pretty busy this past week. The update I just uploaded should fix that issue (and the other reported issues with 0.4).
  17. Partly, but I've got quite a lot on my plate IRL this week. Should have updates released over the weekend
  18. Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  19. Whoops looks like I uploaded the wrong version. I'll get an update out in the next 24 hours to fix that (and make sure it's 0.4 compatible).
  20. There are some issues with Patrol Toolkit affecting running plates, should have an update to address these issues out in the next 24 hours.
  21. I'm aware of issues with running plates due to changes in LSPDFR 0.4. If you're crashing at any other point please let me know what you're doing at the time / immediately before the crash, and upload your RagePluginHook.log Should have an update out to fix the plate check issue sometime in the next 24 hours
  22. After almost 3 years, LSPDFR has finally received an update to 0.4! Surprisingly, from my initial testing, it would seem that all of my currently released LSPDFR plugins are compatible, meaning you can simply drop them in and continue to use them without needing an update. There may be some aspects of particular plugins that don't work or don't work fully, so if you encounter any issues please post a comment here or (preferably) on the relevant plugins download page. There is one minor caveat, and that is the LSPDFR dispatch audio. In order for dispatch audio to work properly, you will need to copy the contents of GTA\LSPDFR\Police Scanner\Darkmyre to GTA\LSPDFR\audio\scanner\Darkmyre as the scanner audio file location has been moved in 0.4
  23. That does indeed, and makes a lot more sense because of how that mod works, great find! Unfortunately I'm not quite sure how I can get around this issue, I may need to reach out to the dev of Make Peds Calm Again to work something out.
  24. As far as I can tell the issue is some sort of compatibility problem with StopThePed and/or Interaction+. I haven't had a chance to look into it further yet (partly as I've been waiting for LSPDFR 0.4 to release since I'll probably have to update everything then anyway).
  25. Looks like one of the recent game updates has broken some things, I'll try and get an update out ASAP to address this.
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