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  1. Darkmyre

    The EMS callouts shouldn't be occurring if you're not in Paramedic agency. They may try and start, but should auto-cancel basically straight away. If that's still inconvenient, remove all of the entries from 'Available EMS calls' in the INI should stop them being registered at all (but then won't work in Paramedic mode unless you edit the INI again). Note you'll still need to leave "Available EMS Callouts=" just remove everything to the right of the = (otherwise, it'll assume the INI is broken and use the default setting). Next version actually has the EMS calls removed entirely, as they're being moved to their own LSPDFR plugin.
  2. Darkmyre

    Not currently
  3. Streamed live on Twitch last September (https://www.twitch.tv/darkmyre). Join myself, ConsKrypt and KillerEagle as we ignore Batman/Geralt and speed our way across the American landscape.
  4. Darkmyre

    Still working on an update, but in the meantime, I've managed to patch DarkAPI so there shouldn't be any more compatibility issues. You'll need to download the latest version of DarkAPI here:
  5. Darkmyre

    Yep, should hopefully have an update out soon. I had to reinstall windows recently so have had to set everything back up again, everything was meant to be updated when I updated LSPDFR Comes Alive.
  6. Darkmyre

    Yep, I need to update all of my plugins, just been a bit busy lately.
  7. Darkmyre

    If you can upload your RagePluginHook.log from when you crash, it'll show us exactly why.
  8. Darkmyre

    No issues as far as I'm aware.
  9. In his first foray back into some FiveM RP on BlueBird after several months, Kenji tries to get a quick payday from a convenience store, gets arrested, and has to face up to Magistrate Papadopoulos! Want to join the fun? Check out BlueBird RP today - https://bluebirdrp.com/ Catch all the action live at https://www.twitch.tv/darkmyre
  10. Darkmyre

    It seems to just be the Surveillance Target callout that is bugged. It might take me another week or two to get an update sorted, so in the meantime I'd suggest ignoring that call.
  11. Darkmyre

    Can you please add your RagePluginHook.log from one of the crashes? It seems to be working ok for me on 0.4.6
  12. Darkmyre

    Hmm that's odd. I haven't seen these issues myself, but I'll do some more testing and see if I can work out what's up.
  13. Darkmyre

    Are you using StopThePed?
  14. Darkmyre

    Now that Lenny's Mod Loader is released I'll be working on an updated version of this, though with the holidays I don't have an ETA at this point. You will need to have LML installed though, which you can get from LCPDFR here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/25437-lennys-mod-loader/
  15. Darkmyre

    You can use any custom uniform you've saved to the wardrobe in EUP. Otherwise you could also use the Clone partner to duplicate your outfit - but that will probably also make them look exactly like you with an EUP character (it's mainly intended for use with the regular cop peds). Currently the available orders are pretty limited, I need to update this to take advantage of some of the new API options in LSPDFR 0.4