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  5. Darkmyre

    You probably had the latest version from LSPDFR Comes Alive. Basically, I changed a whole heap of stuff in that version, released it, then remembered my other plugins used the stuff I'd removed and had to add some of it back in to make everything work again.
  6. mctosh2

    Oh that's strange, I thought I already had your latest API. Lol that fixed it, thanks I must have accidentally overridden it or something when installing one of your other mods. Love LSPDFR Comes Alive btw
  7. Darkmyre

    It does, but it looks like you need to update my DarkAPI to the current version here: https://www.ausgamer.net/files/file/24-darkapi/ The initial update to v5 broke backwards compatibility with some of my older plugins, the latest version there should fix that.
  8. mctosh2

    Does this no longer work for 0.4? I'm getting crashes on callouts when I try to interact. This was after I pressed T.
  9. Themos

    It too dark at nigth for me can i fix ? (FIVEM)
  10. Darkmyre

    Not entirely sure what you mean there? I am working on a bit of an update, but don't have an ETA just yet.
  11. Joruf

    @Darkmyre make agency callouts update via patreon
  12. Earlier
  13. Rmckinstry

    @DarkmyreOk thank you for the fast reply! Yeah so basically what happens, is if you are driving in the nearby area an explosion will happen every time you face where the event is after facing away. No matter how many time you go up to the scene and come back, it happens. Please let me know if you need any more details. I am happy to help
  14. Darkmyre

    Hmm, it shouldn't be causing repeated explosions, I'll need to look into that and get it fixed. But in the meantime, you can disable it by deleting GTA\Plugins\DarkmyreAPI\Scenes\mva1.xml
  15. Rmckinstry

    Is there any way to remove the event on US-1 with the blown up car and Firetruck and Ambulances on scene. All that happens is every 30 seconds or so I hear explosions.
  16. i like yo cut g


  17. Darkmyre

    It should happen for most deaths, although due to the way GTA handles player health it cant always trigger. Usually though it'd be things like explosions, fall damage, or other situations where you take a lot of damage quickly. I'll do some testing to make sure nothing's changed in recent GTA/LSPDFR updates.
  18. Raico121

    Hey Dark just wondering on the Officer Down thing that triggers when you get shot down. Does that trigger every time you go down saving you from dying or does it only happen depending on the type of damage that you get. It seems to not pop up for me anymore even though I am getting shot normally and instead just die and get the wasted screen.
  19. ET090

    Hi, I record a video about the bug: The cop had a action of putting the suspect in her vehicle at 0:40 second on the video. The suspect supposed to follow the cop to her vehicle, instead, the suspect stayed and followed me after the cop left and disappeared when the ambulance showed up to pick up the patient. I have Stop the ped plugin installed also but I set mine "TakeOverAllArrests=no" I also tried to uninstall STP, but the suspect still remains on scene. Hope all those can clarify for you and thank you for your mod and responses.
  20. Darkmyre

    Not a previously known bug, but it sounds more like a bug than user error. Just to clarify, this is with the calls that have scripted police come to collect the suspect, and not situations where you're calling for prisoner transport?
  21. Hi Darkmyre, I run into a issue where in normal EMS calls, the suspect who is arrested and cuffed by the police remains on scene whereas the officer walks back to his car and left the scene alone. Is that a known bug or I screwed up something? I have installed latest API files and I also installed Latest Better EMS
  22. Wallierocks01

    Queensland Use NZ Sirens and this one https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/audio/16828-qps-piercer-siren-tone/

    https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/audio/16828-qps-piercer-siren-tone/ e/
  24. williamj01

    please anyone tell me how to add modes in GTA V.
  25. salamiboi

    guys i need help. when i go to the police station the gfx engine starts bugging out and stuff doesn't load. any fix?
  26. Darkmyre

    You could maybe look into compressing some of the larger audio files but I'm not familiar with that personally. I always just grabbed like a half-second recording of silence (makes a tiny wav file) and replace some of the larger sounds with that. Worth listening to the larger sounds before replacing them as some are things like novelty horns that you might like (and doing this will make the things you replace silent in-game).
  27. Impulsive

    I've been trying to find something that might point me in a direction on how to reduce your vehicles.awc bellow 16,000kb Kind regards Impulsive
  28. Darkmyre

    Double check the INI to make sure you're pressing the right keys.
  29. vegaref

    cant seem to open the menu
  30. Vblingas

    The Graphic mod is insanely amazing. But i don't like the rain that comes with it. Best graphic mod out here yet!!!
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