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  3. AntoniAM87

    Hi I just added the file correctly with the required plugins. I press the F7 key, nothing happens (he offers me to save the screen instead) Similarly for the U or I key, there is no dog arriving. Perhaps, I did not handle correctly? thanks for your help Now i have a crash CrashReport_bgtbb_637214323203242580.rcr
  4. Bulletbait92

    Just installed this following the video and I have literally no changes in game. Graphics still dull, ELS lights still dim. No idea what to do and can't find any info on it. Amy help would be appreciated.
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  6. Darkmyre

    The EMS callouts shouldn't be occurring if you're not in Paramedic agency. They may try and start, but should auto-cancel basically straight away. If that's still inconvenient, remove all of the entries from 'Available EMS calls' in the INI should stop them being registered at all (but then won't work in Paramedic mode unless you edit the INI again). Note you'll still need to leave "Available EMS Callouts=" just remove everything to the right of the = (otherwise, it'll assume the INI is broken and use the default setting). Next version actually has the EMS calls removed entirely, as they're being moved to their own LSPDFR plugin.
  7. GeorgeBolk

    Amazing plugin, just one question: How do i temporary turn off the callouts like the integrated LSPDFR Police Radio by pressing M as that doesn't turn off the EMS Callouts.
  8. rwaetrwar

    The Reshade+ENB takes away a TON of fps, if I remove it, will there be any significant changes? I have already installed the oiv file in the automatic installation folder.
  9. VGent

    I need to uninstall this. i'm a pro-modder so tell me which files were added and I'll manually replace them.
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  11. SanicThaFastest

    While I find myself trying very hard to like this mod I'm having an extremely hard time. The Partner AI is just absolutely horrible. Gang bangers can be shooting me point blank and my partner just sits there with their gun out but refusing to fire. Even in an actual pursuit the AI refuses to actually do anything other than Get in and out of the car repeatedly or just sitting there looking dumb. Even with engage hostiles on. Run plate function doesn't work, Search function doesn't work. The Fetch function Kind of works? Another major bug I ran into was that, when my partner makes an arrest on a suspect and actually brings them back to the Squad Car. They'll put them into the vehicle but afterwords I'm no longer able to interact with the vehicle in any meaningful and I'm no longer able to drive it. This is by far the best Partner mod for LSPDFR in terms of groundwork. I think this could be a very good mod and I want it to be a good mod. Also could you elaborate on what the recruit spawn option for partners does? It seems to just be another clone?
  12. Darkmyre

    Not currently
  13. alfie22344343

    How do I equip a weapon for my guy? ive got him spawned in but he seems to be unarmed, Edit: he engages enemies but only has a combat pistol, any way to give him a rifle??
  14. NATHAN87

    how many people out there are allowed this car ive counted 5 already
  15. Streamed live on Twitch last September ( Join myself, ConsKrypt and KillerEagle as we ignore Batman/Geralt and speed our way across the American landscape.
  16. jasusgrc

    2020 update???
  17. cedriclagarde

    hello, the police missions work well while those of the paramedics do not want this launch while I put paramedic in the menu by apuying on ctrl-end how to become an ambulance thank you
  18. gekoa2

    Oh nice! Thank you very much
  19. Darkmyre

    Still working on an update, but in the meantime, I've managed to patch DarkAPI so there shouldn't be any more compatibility issues. You'll need to download the latest version of DarkAPI here:
  20. Drewww

    Hello, I am big fan of this mod, thank you very much for it first off! Is there anyway you can send me that visualsettings.dat file too so the lights and day time is not as bright? Thanks.
  21. Darkmyre

    Yep, should hopefully have an update out soon. I had to reinstall windows recently so have had to set everything back up again, everything was meant to be updated when I updated LSPDFR Comes Alive.
  22. gekoa2

    Hi, I would like to know if you are working for a new update because with LSPDFR 0.4.6 this mod as several problems (for example in paramedic mod some callouts crash once accepted). I had to delete it and I would like to keep playing it because it's very well done. Thank you.
  23. Darkmyre

    Yep, I need to update all of my plugins, just been a bit busy lately.
  24. Hareka

    Accepting a domestic disturbance callout crashes LSPDFR. Maybe other callouts cause a crash too. Didn't test them. "Could not load type 'DarkmyreAPI.NF_Ai' from assembly 'DarkmyreAPI, Version=5.0.7341.32246, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'." Any plans to update agency callouts for your new DarkmyreAPI?
  25. Ervin PH

    I like this game because real stick mod
  26. Nel

    Does anyone know why when the game in on lighting weather the light is so bright and the screen keeps flashing blue? any fixes?
  27. Darkmyre

    If you can upload your RagePluginHook.log from when you crash, it'll show us exactly why.
  28. AdderFTW888

    Hi @Darkmyre, When I have this installed it is crashing when im going on duty. Any idea why?
  29. ryanmajo96

    I need help. I installed everything like it said but my menu won't pop up.
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