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  5. Lt Mike Shizzle

    sounds good!
  6. Benzo

    You could try and replace the visualsettings.dat file. Gonna send you a DM
  7. Lt Mike Shizzle

    Hey also, is there a way i can dim the lights for MVGA? @Benzo
  8. Benzo

    No problem, Make sure you have a mods folder in your Grand Theft Auto V Open up Open IV and go to this pathway here: mods\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\ Click on Edit mode, Find your taxi.ytd file. Double click that file. You will see a taxi sign named Drag the new dds file from this download and replace the old one and save it. Let me know if you need more help. PS: Easier way is just to download a new Taxi vehicle. I can send you a link and another link to how to install it.
  9. Lt Mike Shizzle

    @BenzoHey! Thanks for getting back with me. Indeed with the open.iv. I've never seen this in that folder before. Im just really confused on that part.
  10. Benzo

    Are you asking how to replace that dds file in open iv?
  11. Lt Mike Shizzle

    so this is the issue. I love MVGA BUT when I open the taxi sign option up, it shows me this inside the file... I can't install my precious MVGA I use it on FiveM as well and love it! If someone could help me, it would be awesome. My discord is also Mike S.#0161 and yes my profile says im offline but i aint.
  12. Earlier
  13. zrg0908

    Ok, thanks for the help!
  14. Darkmyre

    It seems to just be the Surveillance Target callout that is bugged. It might take me another week or two to get an update sorted, so in the meantime I'd suggest ignoring that call.
  15. zrg0908

    Here is my log. What I find odd is that it worked with this loadout of mods before...with zero problems. RagePluginHook.log
  16. Darkmyre

    Can you please add your RagePluginHook.log from one of the crashes? It seems to be working ok for me on 0.4.6
  17. zrg0908

    Hey Darkmyre, could you please update this mod for LSPDFR 0.4.6? I really enjoy it, but recently it has been crashing when I finish taking down a suspect.
  18. Killbane

    thanks man, i appreciate it! I miss the mod making me feel like i had an extremely active partner.
  19. Darkmyre

    Hmm that's odd. I haven't seen these issues myself, but I'll do some more testing and see if I can work out what's up.
  20. Killbane

    nope, Whilst reading through the comments before i made sure i stayed clear of stop the ped and ultimate backup. Using all albo's mods, the essential mods from lspdfr (although abit outdated) , EUP, a bunch of callouts ( none of which i think include anything about a partner), Your mods, XS scanner, interaction+ and thats about it.
  21. Darkmyre

    Are you using StopThePed?
  22. Killbane

    Hey Darkmyre, Just wondering if theres an update coming soon? Right now, my partner despawns at random, Shoots me at random, Jumps out of the car at random And just stands around doing nothing when im being shot at or when theres a pursuit. Love the mod, just hoping for an update. Thanks again!
  23. sgt_raphael0791

    thx, love this mod. Looking forward to the update
  24. Darkmyre

    Now that Lenny's Mod Loader is released I'll be working on an updated version of this, though with the holidays I don't have an ETA at this point. You will need to have LML installed though, which you can get from LCPDFR here:
  25. sgt_raphael0791

    Yeah, my game crashed after installing this mod as well. Idk but seems this mod is outdated and is not compatible with the current game version or LSPDFR version
  26. Darkmyre

    You can use any custom uniform you've saved to the wardrobe in EUP. Otherwise you could also use the Clone partner to duplicate your outfit - but that will probably also make them look exactly like you with an EUP character (it's mainly intended for use with the regular cop peds). Currently the available orders are pretty limited, I need to update this to take advantage of some of the new API options in LSPDFR 0.4
  27. officerslimm

    I got a question and I need help.. in order for my partner to have the same uniform like mines for example a long sleeve shirt with tie how can I access a menu or something for me to change their clothing and also how can I make them pat down subjects and etc beside letting them drive??
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  29. geomah1

    Thank you very much for your help :)
  30. mkuyer

    Hey mate anyway to get this in gta v for a fiveM server thanks
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