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  5. help and how to play for a paramedic in gta 5 with Agency Callouts I tried to find the Set agency button but did not find it

    1. Darkmyre


      Paramedic mode has been separated into its own plugin. You need the new Emergency Response plugin to play as Paramedic now: Emergency Response - Plugins/Scripts - AusGamer Network

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  7. Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 4.0.7017
  8. Darkmyre

    Panic button

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  9. Version 2.2


    If you experience any issues with my mod(s), please seek help in my server or the ULSS dsc.gg/Scypter dsc.gg/ULSS This is a simple plugin that shows some information about your vehicle on your computer screen. I felt like making this because I got tired of not knowing how fast I was going, now there are plugins out there that show you how fast you're going but what this plugin does it uses RAGENativeUI to draw the text on the screen instead of using in-game "Subtitles". If you find any bugs while using the plugin, feel free to comment them! 1. Download the file, and extract it using WinRAR or 7Zip 2. Open the folder representing the version and select all files 3. Drag and drop those files into your GTA folder 4. Launch your game with RAGEPluginHook when in game press f4 and type "LoadPlugin VehicleWidgets.dll" HazyTube - Open source code of ForceACallout ZhivGaming - The initial idea of the plugin and sharing source code of SimpleCarHud Albo1125 - Plugin tutorials on YouTube


  10. I can't reproduce this crash, so if you can get a log file it'd be helpful. Working on the other issues and should have an update out in the next few days.
  11. Paramedic calls were removed from the latest version of Agency Callouts. They've been split off into a dedicated callout pack just for Paramedic stuff. (The initial release does have some issues with blips not being cleaned up correctly and a couple other issues in the comments, I'm working on a fix for these issues).
  12. Hello. I have issue with Agency callouts. I cannot choose Paramedic callouts only. I have all instaled. Agency callouts, paramedics callouts for Agency callouts and i still cannot choose only Paramedics callouts. What to do?
  13. Its Great mod, However i do have a few issues, these include; >game seems to crash when accepting callout 'burn victim' >and the police blips dont go away for some calls/all calls. No other issues
  14. No i do not and the blip would be the blue plus sign as you would see on betterEMS and it would send a police crusier for any unaccepted calls and for police response calls is shows the red and blue flickering blip and it would stay on the map
  15. Do you have a log from one of the crashes using Paramedic mode? And do you remember which call caused the blip/cruiser to stay? (It shouldn't actually send any vehicle, so I think this is one of the calls that includes a police response that isn't cleaning itself up properly).
  16. love the paramedic mode but it tends to crash my game and i also like how when you dont accept a callout another unit takes it and it show but it always shows a police cruiser and the blips stay even after the call is finished this is what i have been experiencing
  17. SebastianF

    Panic button

    Hey, i can't seem to get the panic button working?
  18. Hey Mate, I'm Looking For A New Zealand Police Ped, I've Been Searching Around And Well Found Nothing, However The One That Eagle Gaming Used Was Awesome, Would You Know Where I Could Find That?




    1. Darkmyre


      Not sure if the one we had ever got released, if it did it'll be on LCPDFR.com under Donnzy's profile

    2. Crazyy


      Cheers Mate!

  19. Game files being corrupt is usually an issue installing a vehicle or similar (so in your case, either OZGTA or one of the vehicles). Most likely cause is probably a typo in one of the vehicles meta file entries (vehicles.meta, handling.meta etc). Even something as simple as a missing < or > in these files can break the game. These files are XML format, so as a first step I'd be putting any meta files you edited through something like this: Validate XML files (xmlvalidation.com) - it should highlight very quickly if there's an error in one, and usually it'll just be a missing bracket you can add in.
  20. Hey everyone i hope i can post this here. I've just spend the last hour and a half adding 11 mods (i will list the below in case it helps) to GTA 5 Steam version and after trying to open it, its coming up saying game files corrupt. I installed all the mods as the instructions said and double checked everything before moving on to installing the next mod what could i have done wrong? Mods list 1: LSPDFR 2: Patrol Toolkit v4.2 3: ELS v1.05 4: Search Warrant v4 5: OZGTA 6: LSPDFR Comes Alive v2 7: Emergency Response v1 8: [ELS] NSW Ambulance Sprinter by @Moose 9: [REL] NSW Police General Duties Ford Falcon XT 10:NSW SCANIA FIRE RESCUE PUMPER 11:NSW Emergency Siren Pack
  21. Version 1.0.7726


    Emergency Response currently features the initial set of Paramedic Mode callouts formerly included with Agency Callouts. To go on duty as a Paramedic with Emergency Response, use the plugin menu (CTRL+X by default) to change your Callout Type from Police to Paramedic. You can also use this menu to quickly change to the Paramedic character or spawn in an ambulance, however these are not required. Note that you can only receive Paramedic OR Police calls - enabling Paramedic mode will turn off the LSPDFR Police Radio.


  22. Paramedic mode is no longer part of Agency Callouts.
  23. I must be screwing it up somewhere. But when I load lspdfr + force Duty, open the agency callouts menu. I don't get the option to choose a agency (I also tried wearing the paramedic outfit) Any ideas?
  24. So happy for the update thank you so much!
  25. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now. Thank you @Darkmyre, it's fixed. Much appreciated brother. Love all your plugins, keep up the great work! Cheers.
  26. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.
  27. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.
  28. Darkmyre


    Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.
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