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  3. Darkmyre

    As far as I know, if it's not available here or on LSPDFR.com, then its no longer available. I'm not even sure if that one was publicly available at some point, a lot of the models I used were given to me by their creators. And no, I can't redistribute someone else's work without their approval. A lot of Aussie cars seem to have been removed due to the nearly endless drama around model theft, unapproved use on fivem servers, etc etc. It sucks for those doing the right thing, but unfortunately with vehicle models the only way to 100% absolutely avoid any of that, is to just never release them to the public.
  4. goodboiricey

    Dose Anyone Know If You Can Still Get The QPS hyundai sonata that dark used in one of his vids
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  7. 解压缩消息指示压缩文件已损坏。你能再上传一次吗

  8. Patrol Toolkit update last night didn't upload properly so the zip file was corrupt. Should be fixed up now!

    Updates to Agency Callouts and Partner are still in the works.

  9. Darkmyre

    These crashes should be fixed in 4.2
  10. Earlier
  11. bart_0493

  12. gameboyeg

  13. gameboyeg

  14. Darkmyre

    Will try and get a fix out for this in the next few days.
  15. gameboyeg

    Hey dark whenever I do a pullover and use stop the ped to request documentation lspdfr crashes. After I remove patroltoolkit I get no crash. Any solution? I really like the seatbelt feature you added. Thanks for any help. RagePluginHook.log
  16. papybrossar

    Ok, thanks for the answer. Have a good day Edit : If it can help someone, it seems that if you request transport unit via Ultimate backup, it works.
  17. Darkmyre

    Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
  18. Darkmyre

    This would be an issue caused by Stop The Ped, and as far as I know the author of that plugin is not interested in making his plugins compatible with other people's. So unfortunately there's nothing really I can do about this issue.
  19. papybrossar

    Hi, When I request a transport unit via Stop The Ped, my partner take the ped et go with my car , it's normal ? How can i fix it ? Thank's in advance for any help
  20. Darkmyre

    That's a confirmed bug in the current version. Working on a fix.
  21. Darkmyre

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Can't Reproduce
  22. Darkmyre

    Unable to reproduce, please make sure you're using the latest version of RageNativeUI (currently 1.7, included in the download). If you're still having issues please add your RagePluginHook.log
  23. Darkmyre

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  24. Pigepn Panzer

    For some reason when the peds get pulled over to the blue marker they just suddenly drive off without me dismissing them???
  25. Pigepn Panzer

    On default the menu says f9 to open the menu so I press f9 opn the keyboard but nothing pops up. So I tried another keybind but that doesn't work aswell
  26. Darkmyre

    It should be working, you just need to confirm the download. In Chrome you'll get a prompt to Keep/Discard - clicking Keep will let the browser download it. Other browsers will probably have different words, but same concept.
  27. DirtNastyy

    When will I be able to download this graphics mod since its not working at the moment
  28. Darkmyre

    Where? If it's not on this website, it's quite possibly malware.
  29. BaconNTiz

    i found it, thanks anyway
  30. Darkmyre

    Old versions are not supported.
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