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  4. That log file is exactly the right one Looks like one of the xml files the plugin uses didn't install correctly. You should have a number of XML files in GTA V\Plugins\DarkmyreAPI\ From the log, it seems the ems.xml file is missing. I've attached it here, simply save it to the DarkmyreAPI folder and it should fix the issue. ems.xml
  5. Hi , when i play your plugin everything goes fine until i press "T" to get the patient into my ambulance , when he gets in it lspdfr crashes. Im dont really now how to find crash log but its this one. RagePluginHook.log
  6. Last week
  7. Thanks for the reports guys. It's well past time for me to go through every callout and make sure everything is working correctly in current versions of things. May take a bit of time to get this done, as my GTA hasn't worked properly in a couple of updates.
  8. Darkmyre


    Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug Changed Fixed In to 1.0.1
  9. Darkmyre


    Click the blue 'Download this file' button on the right-hand side.
  10. Overall great callouts, realistic and creative. I have to agree with the comment above, that some callouts cannot be triggered. In addition, as for the homicide investigation call in Davis, the AI officer vehicle's spawn point is slightly misplaced, the vehicle is spawning inside of the fence on top of the lawn. (please see attached screenshot below) I also noticed sometimes callouts will be automatically disregarded as soon as I picked them up, even when I was close to the callouts locations.
  11. zac2004


    how do i download this mod
  12. Thank you for fixing the High Risk Arrest Warrant! I just wanted to also notify you that there are a few callouts, such as "Armored Car and Panic Button" that don't seem to work. If you've already been notified about it please let me know, have a good day!
  13. Earlier
  14. Unfortunately not, Callout names are set within the code. I'll need to update the plugin for the callout to work again, will try and get that done in the next couple days.
  15. Hey Darkmyre! Just thought i'd let you know that since the release of 4.9 version of LSPDFR. the "High Risk Arrest Warrant" have been overwritten by the newly introduced lspdfr callout "Arrest Warrant" Is there a way I can rename/seperate your callout so it doesnt get mixed up? because when i request it, the lspdfr one shows up instead
  16. woon

    Mission won't work.

    Yes. RagePluginHook.log
  17. Darkmyre

    Mission won't work.

    Are you able to provide a RagePluginHook.log from when it failed to start?
  18. woon

    Mission won't work.

    Can i Know why my roadblock mission in agency callouts is fail to call out?
  19. Paramedic mode has been separated into its own plugin to make future development easier:
  20. I don't see paramedic, when I'm in the menu.
  21. Nothing can be done with this file, it needs to be the RagePluginHook.log file from your main GTA folder right after you get a crash.
  22. MiniCrashReport_637543465119470051.rcrm
  23. The line for the taxi by Mr Fui doesnt work anymore. Please fix this.
  24. It looks like I messed up the mod description, if you haven't changed the default ini the menu key will be CTRL+END, not CTRL+X. You'll need to change this if you have Agency Callouts or another plugin that uses CTRL+END. If that still doesn't work, please post your RagePluginHook.log
  25. I cant help myself, but i can not chance the agency from Police to EMS. The plugin even dosnt seems to be active. I´ve tried several times to delete everything and install it again, but it wont work... EDIT - with callout manager, i can see that the Plugin is on the list, but still can not chance Agency or start a Callout
    Even after so long, Still Enjoying one of the first callout packs i tried.. Good job and thank you. Works "for most part" still with LSPDFR 4.8 and Lastest RHP as of march 16th 2021. 10 stars all the way Thank you for all your hard work..
  26. Edit: I found it here and it worked https://www.ausgamer.net/mods/file/30-make-visuals-great-again/ Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 Is there a place we can download MVGA?
  27. Hi, really like this Model. Only issue is, i can't seem to find the spawn code anywhere in the read me files. Could you please let me know what it is. Thankyou
  28. Darkmyre

    Panic button

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  29. help and how to play for a paramedic in gta 5 with Agency Callouts I tried to find the Set agency button but did not find it

    1. Darkmyre


      Paramedic mode has been separated into its own plugin. You need the new Emergency Response plugin to play as Paramedic now: Emergency Response - Plugins/Scripts - AusGamer Network

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