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LSPDFR Comes Alive aims to enrich your GTA experience by adding a variety of ambient events that will occur around you as you play. Originally developed as a standalone plugin, this version integrates directly into LSPDFR allowing more control over when events occur. Crimes your character witnesses will trigger a pursuit against the suspect, allowing you to more easily intercept them and bring them to justice.


Rage Plugin Hook 1.72

LSPDFR 0.4.6
DarkmyreAPI 5.0 (included)


Simply copy the contents of the "Files" folder to your root GTA directory. LSPDFR Comes Alive will be activated when you go on duty. It is highly advisable to unload GTA Comes Alive before going on duty with this plugin.

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    • By Darkmyre
      Agency Callouts adds a total of 29 new callouts to your LSPDFR experience, broken down into several different agency types. Integrating with the LSPDFR 0.4 Agency customization, you will receive different types of calls based on the agency you go on duty with. The system is fully customizable for those who like to tinker, including supporting an unlimited number of custom user-defined agencies.
      Agency Callouts was also the first callout pack to introduce Paramedic Mode, allowing you to go on duty with the LSFD and save lives all across San Andreas. Paramedic mode currently includes 6 callouts and inter-hospital patient transport.
      The plugin also includes the following miscellaneous features aimed at making your patrol easier:
      Improved loadouts: All officers receive a flashlight, SWAT receives an assault rifle and body armour, Federal Agents receive an SMG. Collect a fresh set of gear at any time (while on duty) via the menu
      Downtown Police Station improvements: While on duty, approach the garage door to warp into the garage without walking around the building.
      Duty Menu: While on duty, press CTRL+END to bring up the duty menu. From here you can: request air support, a mechanic to fix your car, or a taxi to transport a civilian; get a fresh loadout; or end the current call.
    • By Darkmyre
      This plugin allows an officer to quickly and thoroughly search any pedestrian or vehicle from one conventient key binding. Searching vehicles conducts a full search, providing the player with a report after searching all areas of the car. Available items can be customized via XML files, and include a size classification to prevent unrealistic search results. Players can even create and share their own item collections by adding a new XML file to the Search folder (Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/). When the search concludes, the game is briefly paused allowing time to absorb the search results and decide how to proceed.
      Customizing Items
      All of the items used by this plugin can be located in Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/. You can either edit the provided XML files, or create a new XML file using an existing file as a template. Each item should have an entry as follows, with all fields being mandatory:
          <item>a passport</item>
      An items size determines where it can be found. Small and medium items can be found on peds or in any vehicle location, however peds can only carry a maximum of 1 medium item. Large items can only be found in vehicle trunks.
      An item's status determines if it should be highlighted in the search results screen: illegal/narcotics items are highlighted red, suspicious items are highlighted yellow, and all other items are currently unhighlighted.
      Callout Integration (For Developers)
      Search Warrant utilizes the Metadata of pedestrians and vehicles to both remember search results, and provide a conventient way for plugin authors to influence the items found. Simply assign a string describing your items to one of the following Metadata items, and Search Warrant will return your string rather than randomly selecting items for that slot:
      ped.Metadata.searchPed="Some items found on the ped";
      vehicle.Metadata.searchDriver="Some items found on the drivers(left) side";
      vehicle.Metadata.searchPassenger="Some items found on the passenger(right) side";
      vehicle.Metadata.searchTrunk="Some items found in the boot/trunk";
      It is not necessary to provide all search Metadata for vehicles - the plugin will randomize any that are missing.
    • By sEbi3
      UnitedCallouts V.1.5.3
      Join on my Discord-Server - https://discord.gg/4pnAXKC
      for the newest information about the Plugin.
      About the Callouts: Robbery, Drugs, Gangs, Burglary, Murder
      Note: Keep the version up to date! (Current Version: 1.5.3)
      Including an documentation with more infos.
      Copy the files of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR". Copy the folder of "Lspdfr\audio\scanner" in: "GTA V directory\lspdfr\audio\scanner".  
      LSPDFR 0.4 (or higher) RagePluginHook 0.64 (or higher) A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail or Steam)  
      Special thanks to Not AJ for testing my Plugin  He also made the amazing screenshots!  
      Current Callouts: 
      You are welcome to write suggestions in the comments. Maybe that comes in an update.
      1. Mugging 
          A person is attacked and needs immediate help!
      2. Person with Knife
          A psychiatric person has a knife and tries to kill himself or others.
          Dialogue (+)     Different endings and possibilities. 3. GangAttack
           Two gangs trying to kill each other.
      4. Stolen Emergency Vehicle
         A person has stolen a police car or an ambulance!
         (Ambulance, Police1, Police3, Firetruck or Police2)
      5. Stolen Truck 
         A truck was stolen. Try to stop him.
      6. Stolen Bus
         A stolen bus! Are there hostages in there?
      7. MoneyTruck is robbed
         A MoneyTruck was robbed and stolen.
      8. KillerClown was seen
         A killer clown was seen. Try to arrest him before he comes up with stupid thoughts.
      9. Plane Hijacking
         An airplane was stolen at the airport. Are there hostages?
      10. DrugDealer
             We found a well-known drug dealer. Stop him and try to contact him.
            Dialogue (+)       Different endings and possibilities. 11. Burglary into an apartment
            Someone broke into an apartment! Help the person in the apartment.
           Different handlings. 12. Drug Deal
            A drug dealer sells drugs to a random person.
      Known bugs: 
      If you have found bugs, then report them in the comments or me privately.
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