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  1. officerwin

    RagePluginHook.log I press Ctrl+End i open menu and i try callout for swat but then crash. When i click that after picture 2 crash or maybe another call i dont rembember but always crash when i want tigger special call
  2. officerwin

    RagePluginHook.log Crash happend about 7:28 PM And one question I have search warrant but when i order partner serach vehicle nothing happen i can search without problem, he just standing
  3. officerwin

    Hey i have Search warrant but when i order partner to search vehicle nothing happend. When i prees f10 i can search vehicle but partner only stand and nothnig I do not know where i can post this sorry if is wrong subforum. Another problem I click police transport crash for this roadside crash and when tow truck call crash and crash when i go write citation from some faults on car.
  4. officerwin

    I have installed Search Warrant but when i order partner search he just stand . When i prees f10 i search without problem
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