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  1. GTALawEnforcer

    I intend on adding additional items and updating the file probably 2-4 times in the coming weeks. Will exceed 200 items when I am complete.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    All credit goes to Darkmyre, original creator of the SearchWarrant plugin. General Information : Instead of the default three XML files for the General, Weapons and Narcotics item lists you will have this custom one instead. I added real narcotics and drug names and quantities. Probably added 30-50 items for each category. So I would say about 150 or so new items. This ranges from the general items you will find such as vape pens and other added casual items, to new weapons to seize. Added nearly EVERY weapon from the wiki into here for you to find. Whether it be a MK II pistol with extended magazine on the perp, or the dufflebag in the trunk with shotguns and carbine rifles inside it. Also revised the narcotics section, added actual drug names and quantity names with a lot of variation in weights and containers. Everything from cannabis to hash and " wax " and " dabs " all way to the heavier stuff like prescription pills and painkillers. Also the heavy stuff like heroin and meth is there as well. Along with MDMA and molly and new synthetic drugs. I intend on adding like 10-15 new items to each category every day or so as I think of them. So expect updates. This will make sure your playthroughs and patrols and if you make them gameplay videos have plenty of variety and detail in them when it comes to patting down peds/suspects and searching vehicles. Installation : 1: Go to rockstar directory, main root folder - Example : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V 2: Go to " Plugins " folder 3: Go to " LSPDFR " folder within Plugins folder 4: Go to " SearchWarrant " Folder within LSPDFR Plugins folder 5: Replace the three XML files , General - Narcotics - Weapons - with the new downloaded ones I have provided.


  3. GTALawEnforcer

    when fails, and Darkmyre as well as PNWParksFan come through!. This was a highly anticipated mod!. Love it!. Easy OIV installation as well!.
  4. GTALawEnforcer

    ParksFan has a good bit of content created for GTA V, from plugins to scripts and various other projects. However Police Tape is in my opinion his best plugin for LSPDFR. If you play LSPDFR this plugin is a MUST HAVE. It allows you to easily deploy tape and barriers to attach the tape to, wherever you want and or need it. Perfect for when you have those large post shooting scenes with a lot of victims/suspects. You can tape off the area while you call EMS/Coroner and they render aid. Peds will stay out of the taped off area and look and gaze at the scene within. You can also attach the tape to any surface so it's very convenient even if you don't deploy any barriers. For example you can easily cordon off a street by taping off the intersections at the traffic lights, etc. Be sure to use one of the alternative textures for the tape as well!. The default is just a striped design. You get " Crime Scene do not cross " and " Police Line do not cross " textures in the download as well. Use them!.
  5. GTALawEnforcer

    Awesome, appreciate it. I already took the default one and added all the items back but slower and payed more attention lol. It works fine now. Love the plugin just like to add a bunch of items for each category for the sake of variety and to avoid repetition. Thank you for the quick reply regardless though!. I'll be sure to use that site and check my XML's when I'm goofing around and editing them.
  6. GTALawEnforcer

    With Police Search out of date and non compatible, Darkmyre's Search Warrant is the last man standing!. And understanding so as it's the superior search plugin. Allowing you to search vehicles and peds, and add custom items to THREE various lists with everything from general items to firearms and narcotics. Stop The Ped, and many other plugins can rely on the Search Warrant plugin and it changes the game when it comes to variety upon your vehicle and ped frisk/searches.
  7. GTALawEnforcer

    Best partner mod still even in 2019, even LSPDFR staff uses it!.
  8. GTALawEnforcer

    I am getting this error when i attempt to search peds or vehicles. I put custom items in each XML but used the proper code and format. Spent hours adding items to each list with the proper spacing and code,etc. This is what my log said from rage. " An exception occured while searching a vehicle: There is an error in XML document (164, 5) " I have a feeling it's the narcotics file. General and Weapons open both fine in XML format. However Narcotics does not. Just appears all as text with no code. Below are each of my custom XML files for review. Much appreciated , I cannot find anything wrong. general.xml narcotics.xml weapons.xml