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    There are some issues with Patrol Toolkit affecting running plates, should have an update to address these issues out in the next 24 hours.
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    Version 2.65


    Please note there will be no further updates to this graphics modification. Features - Complete Visual Overhaul: - Increased emergency LED brightness during daylight and evening - Headlights, brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights and plate lights and traffic lights have increased brightness - Overworked weather - Overworked graphic-texture files - Overworked timecycle files How to install: PERMISSIONS This product may contain elements not recommended for people with epilepsy, especially during thunder. Use it with caution. I can not be held responsible for any seizure, as I've warned you.


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    That does indeed, and makes a lot more sense because of how that mod works, great find! Unfortunately I'm not quite sure how I can get around this issue, I may need to reach out to the dev of Make Peds Calm Again to work something out.
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    Thank you so much for te update and the good job you do! Sorry I forgot to mention, that I had some free time today, and I checked mod by mod, and in my case, i can confirm, that what is causing compatibility problem, in my case, is the mod "Make the peds calm again". I hope this helps!
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    Version 4


    Agency Callouts adds some variety to your LSPD:FR experience. When going on duty, the officer model you choose will determine your agency, which in turn will determine which callouts are enabled. Some callouts are available for multiple agencies, but react differently depending on your active agency. Currently the plugin adds the following callouts, with more planned for future versions: Domestic Disturbance [LSPD / Sheriff] - investigate a domestic disturbance call, and arrest anyone breaking the law. Multiple different scenarios - not all of them peaceful! High Speed Pursuit (SAHP / Fed): Officers engaged in a high-speed pursuit with an illegally modified sports car have called for backup. Homicide Investigation (LSPD / Sheriff): Assist another first responder with questioning potential witnesses to a homicide. Livestock On Road (Sheriff): Several animals have wandered onto the road and are obstructing traffic. Motor Vehicle Accident (LSPD / Sheriff / SAHP): An MVA has occurred nearby, respond to the scene. Take the drivers statements by pressing T (if they survived). Roadblock [SAHP] - assist a fellow officer bring a pursuit (hopefully) to an end by establishing a road block ahead of the suspect. Stolen Vehicle Spotted (LSPD / Sheriff / SAHP / Fed): Officers on foot have spotted a stolen vehicle in the neighbourhood. Street Racing [SAHP] - civilians have reported two vehicles street racing, can you catch them both? Surveillance Target (LSPD / Sheriff / Fed): A gang member is moving through the city with an unknown agenda. Tail them to see what they're up to, but be careful not to spook them. This callout features several different scenarios when the gang member reaches their destination. Suspected Meth Lab (LSPD / Sheriff / Fed): A civilian has called in reporting suspicious smells coming from an RV on the side of the road. Suspicious Fertilizer Purchase (Fed): A large purchase of fertilizer has triggered a potential terror alert. Bring the buyer in for further questioning. Welfare Check (LSPD / Sheriff): A civilian has called in concerned about the welfare of a friend or relative. The plugin also includes the following miscellaneous features aimed at making your patrol easier: Improved loadouts: All officers receive a flashlight, SWAT receives an assault rifle and body armour, Federal Agents receive an SMG. Collect a fresh set of gear at any time (while on duty) via the menu Downtown Police Station improvements: While on duty, approach the garage door to warp into the garage without walking around the building. Duty Menu: While on duty, press CTRL+END to bring up the duty menu. From here you can: request air support, a mechanic to fix your car, or a taxi to transport a civilian; get a fresh loadout; or end the current call. Experimental Crime Scene Control: Using the duty menu, it is possible to freeze/release nearby AI police to prevent crime scenes from escalating out of control due to aggressive police driving. THIS FEATURE IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL - USE WITH CAUTION


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    This does seem to be the cause of some of the issues. The ones I could reproduce have been fixed, the others may've been fixed by the same fix (either way they're not happening). Just need to fix another issue that's cropped up with 0.4.1 and then I'll have an update out that fixes these problems.
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    If I was to make a guess I'd say it's probably got something to do with 0.4 using the same ped model for some cops. I have noticed that when he's "misbehaving" he's acting exactly the same as the other cops, even his icon changes to the flashing red & blue blip. Makes me think LSPDFR has taken over.
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    After almost 3 years, LSPDFR has finally received an update to 0.4! Surprisingly, from my initial testing, it would seem that all of my currently released LSPDFR plugins are compatible, meaning you can simply drop them in and continue to use them without needing an update. There may be some aspects of particular plugins that don't work or don't work fully, so if you encounter any issues please post a comment here or (preferably) on the relevant plugins download page. There is one minor caveat, and that is the LSPDFR dispatch audio. In order for dispatch audio to work properly, you will need to copy the contents of GTA\LSPDFR\Police Scanner\Darkmyre to GTA\LSPDFR\audio\scanner\Darkmyre as the scanner audio file location has been moved in 0.4
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    But is Stop The Ped also causing the partner to randomly hop out of the car and hop back in, randomly run away down the street when we are at a callout, not be aggressive in gunfights (with the option enabled) and my player going into the drivers seat and needing to get pulled out by my partner in driver mode? Doesn't seem like anything Stop The Ped does should interfere with these situations, since unlike prisoner transporting, Stop The Ped isn't being used when these bugs occur.
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    Bugs in 4.0.7005 1.Partner Suddenly jumps out of the car (pursuit,crusing) 2.Player(My character) takes the driver's seat when the partner's drive mod ( Player Takes the driver's seat after hitting the partner) 3.Partner isn't aggressive in gunfights (Engage Hostiles was on)
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    Version 2.6.6851


    Features This plugin allows an officer to quickly and thoroughly search any pedestrian or vehicle from one conventient key binding. Searching vehicles conducts a full search, providing the player with a report after searching all areas of the car. Available items can be customized via XML files, and include a size classification to prevent unrealistic search results. Players can even create and share their own item collections by adding a new XML file to the Search folder (Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/). When the search concludes, the game is briefly paused allowing time to absorb the search results and decide how to proceed. Customizing Items All of the items used by this plugin can be located in Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/. You can either edit the provided XML files, or create a new XML file using an existing file as a template. Each item should have an entry as follows, with all fields being mandatory: <SearchItem> <item>a passport</item> <size>small</size> <status>mundane</status> </SearchItem> An items size determines where it can be found. Small and medium items can be found on peds or in any vehicle location, however peds can only carry a maximum of 1 medium item. Large items can only be found in vehicle trunks. An items status determines if it should be highlighted in the search results screen: illegal/narcotics items are highlighted red, suspicious items are highlighted yellow, and all other items are currently unhighlighted. Callout Integration (For Developers) Search Warrant utilizes the Metadata of pedestrians and vehicles to both remember search results, and provide a conventient way for plugin authors to influence the items found. Simply assign a string describing your items to one of the following Metadata items, and Search Warrant will return your string rather than randomly selecting items for that slot: ped.Metadata.searchPed="Some items found on the ped"; vehicle.Metadata.searchDriver="Some items found on the drivers(left) side"; vehicle.Metadata.searchPassenger="Some items found on the passenger(right) side"; vehicle.Metadata.searchTrunk="Some items found in the boot/trunk"; It is not necessary to provide all search Metadata for vehicles - the plugin will randomize any that are missing. Video Spotlight:


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    That's my bad, forgot to update the documentation it seems. People were complaining about the dog getting in/out by itself so I added a keybind for it. You'll need to press DPad Left while standing near your vehicle for the dog to get in/out (currently not customizable as this update was kinda rushed for 0.4).
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    Version 4.0


    DarkAPI is a required dependency of all of my RPH plugins. Although it is included with my plugins, some plugins may have an older version, and so now I am making the latest version of DarkAPI available as a standalone download. To use simply extract it into your GTA folder. Obviously, this will have no effect unless you also have one of my plugins installed.


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