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    Ford Falcon FGX XT

          NSWPF General Duties
           Ford Falcon FGX XT
               By MooseYTY
    This Model was designed and based of the NSWPF Ford falcon fgx xt model use in real life.
    Ford Falcon XR6 Purchased by bronny rapper, converted and textured to grand theft five by Macgregor, Edited heavily by MooseYTY
    Code 3 RX2700 & Led's Moddeled by MooseYTY
    Interior Police Gear By MooseYTY
    Front Grill Model, FGX Screen and button textures By Krypt
    Skin By Skilfullcorpse
    Terms of use
    This model is not to be uploaded to any other site without the permission of MooseYTY. This model is also not to be used in any pack or in modified servers for GTA V.
    Legal action will be taken if terms of use is broken.


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