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  1. Yes, that is possible. All mods works on both retail and Steam version.
  2. I've never had any personal issues with it, since I control the weather using a trainer, like Simple Trainer. I'd recommend using a trainer for controlling the weather
  3. No clue, unfortunately. Never come across that myself, so I don't really know what's causing it.
  4. Hey, @Shadow and @DXVX_7! Make sure you have the version from this download, which is 2.7.
  5. Razontex


    @zXenn Your review has been removed, please keep help&support related stuff in the comment section of any file. This way, you'll get help much more easier. Thanks for understanding. Moving on to your issue, I'll start by asking some basic questions. Do you use a mods folder from OpenIV? OpenIV.asi installed?
  6. Make sure to have the latest DarkAPI installed
  7. Would you mind uploading the RagePluginHook.log (textdocument) to here? And also, make sure you have the latest DarkAPI version installed, found here:
  8. Hey, @Gamecast_17! Please do not use the review-system for help&support related things. Could you please upload the RagePluginHook.log (RagePluginHook textdocument) located in your GTA V main directory to here, so we can take a further look on what may cause it?
  9. Darkmyre is already aware of this issue, and is working on a fix for it.
  10. Hey, Benzo! GTA Comes Alive can be found here: Remember to have DarkAPI installed too, as this is an requirement for Darkmyres plugins.
  11. Razontex


    @dublin1990 Hey there! I unfortunately had to remove your review on this file, since it's not a proper review. Use the comment section (this section) for asking questions or needing assistance with the mod. To answer your question, DarkAPI 2.7 is available for download, so press the 'Download this file' button on the right hand side, and you should be all good, mate.
  12. @Stiletto_CZE Hey there! Please use the comment section for any Help&support related questions.
  13. You can spawn a clone of yourself to get the same uniform. Change from male/female to clone.
  14. Not too sure how that would work. Redux has visual enhancements included in the modification, so I would recommend only using MVGA without Redux.
  15. @hyperking Please keep support related issues in the comment section of any file if you have any issues with the mod. Make sure you have DarkAPI installed, as this is an requirement for Darkmyre's plugins.
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