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  1. corvette81

    Deceit: The Friend Experience

    Deceit is a game that will test your relationships when played with friends, whether it be how your friends trust you, how well you could deceive them or even how well they could deceive you. The game having launched on the 4th of march 2017 is by no means a new release but it does something that no other titles have with much success, its objective is to test if you can be stealthy, incognito and fly under your friends radars to win or if you can go full balls to the wall and score wins while convincing your friends that they have been deceived. Having played many hours with groups of 5 friends and trying both strategies I can say first hand they both work and the best way to fail is fall complacent with your strategies instead of constantly evolving. The objective giving you are innocent is to survive and escape the map, there will be three stages each with its own fuses and fuse boxes, when the lights go out you must retrieve the fuses and put them in there place with in the fuse box to progress. However while the lights are out you won't be alone, 2 of the 6 players will be murderous creatures trying to stop your escape and if they have enough blood or you take to long in finding the fuses they will hunt and try to kill you. If you survive that and make it to the final area and have successfully installed all the fuses a escape route will appear and you may live to escape another day. Being an infected however means you will be searching high and low sourcing blood bags to enable you to transform in to the murderous creature you are when the lights go out. Your own prey will be your biggest adversary as you try to avoid detection and stop the innocent players escaping. There are many traps and gadgets spread through out the map that can help both sides given the right opportunity from guns to traps, flashlights to cameras these can be the difference between losing and winning. Somethings can go wrong however, my group experienced game crashes, bad performance and connection difficulties but given that this game is absolutely free with most if not all micro transactions being for cosmetics available through playing the game it feels extremely well built. Given the fun this game has provided with my friends and I, I would recommend you give it ago and have a try yourselves, having hours into it I would give it a solid 7.5/10 and hope to see the game progress and receive more content. 7.5//10
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    Unfortunately the Police partner one is the only one available @Mark_.
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    This thread is under investigation for getting Inseri fired.
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    Closed for investigation into solicitation