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  1. How about - Kill suspect (key press + whoever you are pointing a weapon at) Stop suspect (same thing expect it's like one bite and has the same affect as a taser, just pills the suspect down to the ground)
  2. Hello! Would anyone have a K9 Script that they would recommend and be able to post a link? I would use Police Partner but at the moment all the dog does is search cars, so its kind of useless. Sorry! Thankyou very much Mark
  3. Sorry, ignore my last comment. But do you plan on adding more features for the K9 unit rather than just "sniff vehicle"? @Darkmyre Cheers!
  4. Hi, I can't seem to change orders to give to my partner (left arrow+right)
  5. Hi, Vocal dispatch never seems to load with LSPDFR- [28/05/2017 15:41:15.248] LSPD First Response: VocalDispatch: Encountered an exception. It was: System.InvalidOperationException: The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer. [28/05/2017 15:41:15.248] at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.ThrowIfSapiErrorCode(SAPIErrorCodes errorCode) [28/05/2017 15:41:15.249] at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadSapiGrammarFromCfg(SapiGrammar sapiGrammar, Grammar grammar, Uri baseUri, Boolean enabled, Single weight, Int32 priority) [28/05/2017 15:41:15.249] at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadSapiGrammar(Grammar grammar, SapiGrammar sapiGrammar, Boolean enabled, Single weight, Int32 priority) [28/05/2017 15:41:15.249] at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadGrammar(Grammar grammar) [28/05/2017 15:41:15.249] at . . () **I cant sign up on LSPDR, hence why I posted here**
  6. Hiya Fairly new to the Australian side of modding! Would anyone be able to provide a list of cars to use to fill the majority of slots, or @Darkmyre himself provide his car list as it looks wonderful! Sorry and thanks
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