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  1. 2Telos

    w0w thank you!
  2. 2Telos

    Thank You Darkmyre for updating this mod ;-)
  3. 2Telos

    Top stuff!!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!Only one thing plz Dark!Could you try adding to the ini file the choise to choose the keys on the rbt stop because T conflicts with other plugins?Thank you again and i am looking forward for future updates of this excellent plugin ;-)
  4. 2Telos

    Omg What an awesome update!!!!!!!!Thanks Dark that you support/updating this awesome callout mod!!!!!
  5. 2Telos

    w0w best ambient events ever!!!!!!!!A trucker stops his truck gets out and starts fighting with a ped!Cars braking down,drivers stops them and checking the hood!One time fixed the car another called a tow truck and another one was drunk and start walking the high way!The best one was when i stopped a car without lights on.The driver got something like a heart attack!!First time i saw this in my lspdfr must be these ambient events!II also encounter a shooting!Good jod as usually darkmyre!!!!Thank you very much!
  6. 2Telos

    Must HAVE!!!!!!!One of the best !!
  7. 2Telos

    Hello!I saw albo's livestream with a k9 unit with this plugin!Is it available for us too??Thank you!
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