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  1. Looks good mate. Keep up the work can’t wait to install this
  2. Can't promise anything as of now however id just like to let you know im currently working on a NSW Ambulance Hyundai i40 which ill share pics of here soon. And mid december i should have a santa fe crunched, then convert and make nswpf and asnsw style by probs 20-25th we'll see how we go!!
    Amazing model and great to have some more realistic cars for aus in the game. Those dirt mappings look amazing and great that there is a template. Loving the great detail in interior and engine parts... Keep up the great work, cant wait to see more!!
  3. Version 0.9.5


    This is a NSW mobile speed camera vehicle texture for MooseYTY's nswpf Ford falcon dog ute. I have made the lights orange so it is more realistic than red and blue lights. YES THE VEHICLES IN REAL LIFE HAVE ORANGE LIGHTS, Not in the same patterns and places however we can only work with what we've got. If you plan on using this vehicle texture i highly reccomend using darkmyre's passive radar which can be found on this site. However other speed detection mods will do the same. If you put the vehicle in sheriff slot it will sit on the side of the road so it might be realistic as much as nsw police also patrol highways CREDITS AND IMPORTANT INFO Model and template by MooseYTY texture in full made by myself excluding nsw government logo. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO REDISTRIBUTE, USE IN YOUR OWN TEXTURES OR USE PART OF THIS IN THEM. USE COMMONSENSE, IF YOU WANT BITS AND PEICES SEND ME A DIRECT MESSAGE, I WILL USUALLY SAY YES HOWEVER IF YOU DISREGAURD THIS THERE IS NO EXCUSES, ITS BOLD, CAPS AND UNDERLINED IN RED. YOU WILL BE IN TROUBLE IF YOU REUPLOAD OR USE PART OF THIS SO DON'T DO IT CLANS Clans have permission to use this texture ,so long as you have permission my the model author (MooseYTY) to use his model too. also just chuck me a DM if you are going to use it just so i know. Thanks for reading and I hope you can enjoy this mod MODEL: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/18163-nswpf-dog-ute/ I have no responsibility for any trouble you get in using this modification on gta Online or any damage to your game due to this modification, you mod at your own risk
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