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GTA 5 Steam version not opening after adding mods

Daniel Jacob

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Hey everyone i hope i can post this here.

I've just spend the last hour and a half adding 11 mods (i will list the below in case it helps)  to GTA 5 Steam version and after trying to open it, its coming up saying game files corrupt.
I installed all the mods as the instructions said and double checked everything before moving on to installing the next mod what could i have done wrong?

Mods list
2: Patrol Toolkit v4.2
3: ELS v1.05
4: Search Warrant v4
6: LSPDFR Comes Alive v2
7: Emergency Response v1
8: [ELS] NSW Ambulance Sprinter by @Moose

9: [REL] NSW Police General Duties Ford Falcon XT
11:NSW Emergency Siren Pack

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Game files being corrupt is usually an issue installing a vehicle or similar (so in your case, either OZGTA or one of the vehicles). Most likely cause is probably a typo in one of the vehicles meta file entries (vehicles.meta, handling.meta etc). Even something as simple as a missing < or > in these files can break the game. These files are XML format, so as a first step I'd be putting any meta files you edited through something like this: Validate XML files (xmlvalidation.com) - it should highlight very quickly if there's an error in one, and usually it'll just be a missing bracket you can add in.

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