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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    DARKMYRE GAMING HAS THE PERMISSION TO USE THIS CONTENT HOW HE SEES FIT. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THIS SKIN WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM MYSELF. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS NOR PERMISSION TO USE MY SKINS IN PART OR IN FULL TO CREATE YOUR OWN FOR REDISTRIBUTION. PLEASE RESPECT THE FACT THAT WE WORK HARD ON CREATING THESE FOR EVERYONE TO USE, ALL FOR FREE. CLANS/STREAMERS CLAUSE: This VICPOL livery is based off a real Highway Patrol livery, however due to the vehicle being vastly different in shape and type I had decided to make small customisation to how the livery looked. Still holding mostly true to the real thing which I would say about 80% authentic as the style goes. The vehicle in question this livery was loosely based upon: As you can see there are some major similarities to the real livery and this VICPOL Highway Patrol skin, so in a sense I did keep it semi-authentic so it shouldn't look too out of place if you use it in your VICPOL squad. Requirements NSWPF Highway Patrol Ford Falcon FGX XR8 by Moose (As these models make their way over to Darkmyregaming.net I will move the hyperlinks locally instead of LSPDFR) Installation Assuming that you already have the one of the above already installed. NOTE: Some vehicles support multi liveries even if it only has one installed by default, take note of what the default livery is called (usually something like 'carname_sign_1'), rename the skin within to 'carname_sign_2' and use a trainer to choose your new livery. Navigate to mods / x64 / dlcpacks / patchday3ng / levels / gta5 / vehicles.rpf with OpenIV Locate 'police2.ytd' and open it. Find 'xr8_sign_1' and replace it with the skin included. Click save, then launch GTA and enjoy.


  2. Version 1.0.0


    Holden VF Series II Commodore Sportswagon: Victorian State Highway Patrol Livery THE USE OF THIS SKIN IS PERMITTED ON FiveM - PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE VIA ANY OTHER METHODS. THANKS! Thank you for coming to check out the livery for the VF SII Sportswagon. This livery is a replication of what the Victoria Police Force use on their vehicles, I have been told that these are near works of art and replicate the real deal near identical. All parts of the re-skin was done by hand with exceptions to official logos and brandings used and remain copyright of the Victorian Police Force - used under the Fair Use Act within my publications and offered to the public as a FREE service meaning you do not need to purchase any special licence to use/obtain the re-texture/skin in question. Requirements: Valid copy of Grand Theft Auto: V - Realm of ConsKrypt offers no support to cracked/pirated versions of the game. The VFSII Sportswagon by @Macgregor: Get It HERE!


  3. Version 1.0.0


    Victoria Police Siren Pack The audio/sound clips featured are recordings of a REAL Victorian Police vehicle - Audio/sound clips had bad wind contamination and still remains oh so slightly. For this I am sorry but removal of any more wind resulted in too much quality loss which I was not prepared to put my name to. Special Thanks to Mick(Ya know who ya are), Victoria Police for allowing these clips to be recorded - Showing support for the Australian Gaming Community! How To Install This Pack: By downloading this pack, it is assumed you already have the basic knowledge of modifying Grand Theft Auto: V using the modding suite known as OpenIV. If you do not, then you will need to learn the basics on OpenIV first otherwise you may not experience the intended results. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED - CONTINUE AT OWN RISK Step1: Using OpenIV, Navigate to: OpenIV/GTA V/x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT.RPF which should look something like this screenshot below: Now if you already have not done so please COPY this file to MODS FOLDER as described here: Now we wait for the file to finish copying to the "mods" folder. Once copied we should be automatically redirected to the new folder (as shown by the image below) Step2: Now we need to export your current sound bank to modify the sounds within it, to do this we will use a built in toolset to OpenIV called OpenFormats. Right click on 'vehicles.awc' and select 'Export to OpenFormats(.oac)' then select a save destination folder that is EMPTY! Once you have selected your save destination it will automatically decrypt the package into individual wav files and a "signature" file also. From here you will want to Download the sirens package from this page and extract the contained sound files INTO the folder titled 'vehicles' overwriting all existing content. >> >> Once you have confirmed the overwrite to happen you should see something like this below: That's it, now we can re-import the VicPol Sirens into our games, Follow on in Step3! Step3: Now its time to re-import our modified sounds. To do so we need to use OpenIV again, so bring that back into focus and using the menu bar; Locate 'New' > 'Import openFormats' (or press SHIFT + INSERT) Now select the .oac file to re-import the sounds into GTA: V as a valid awc sound archive. Congratulations - You should now have VicPol Sirens in game! Enjoy!


  4. Version 3.0.0


    About This File ¬[ELS] AmbulanceVictoria Texture¬ ¬Made by Cowz4Sale¬ ¬Uploaded on 7:19PM¬ ¬Latest Version 1.0.0¬ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOOSEYT'S [ELS] NSW AMBULANCE IS REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the original model: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14020-els-nsw-ambulance-service-mercedes-sprinter/ It is important that you do read the "README.txt" as it contains crucial information about the model. IF THIS TEXTURE IS REDISTRIBUTED WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT CONCENT, IT WILL BE REMOVED OR LEGAL ACTION WILL BE AN OPTION! Please note this skin may contain bugs. If it does contain bugs, please notify me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Model is officially completed, However may still contrain bugs.


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