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  1. Killbane

    thanks man, i appreciate it! I miss the mod making me feel like i had an extremely active partner.
  2. Killbane

    nope, Whilst reading through the comments before i made sure i stayed clear of stop the ped and ultimate backup. Using all albo's mods, the essential mods from lspdfr (although abit outdated) , EUP, a bunch of callouts ( none of which i think include anything about a partner), Your mods, XS scanner, interaction+ and thats about it.
  3. Killbane

    Hey Darkmyre, Just wondering if theres an update coming soon? Right now, my partner despawns at random, Shoots me at random, Jumps out of the car at random And just stands around doing nothing when im being shot at or when theres a pursuit. Love the mod, just hoping for an update. Thanks again!
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