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    While I find myself trying very hard to like this mod I'm having an extremely hard time. The Partner AI is just absolutely horrible. Gang bangers can be shooting me point blank and my partner just sits there with their gun out but refusing to fire. Even in an actual pursuit the AI refuses to actually do anything other than Get in and out of the car repeatedly or just sitting there looking dumb. Even with engage hostiles on. Run plate function doesn't work, Search function doesn't work. The Fetch function Kind of works? Another major bug I ran into was that, when my partner makes an arrest on a suspect and actually brings them back to the Squad Car. They'll put them into the vehicle but afterwords I'm no longer able to interact with the vehicle in any meaningful and I'm no longer able to drive it. This is by far the best Partner mod for LSPDFR in terms of groundwork. I think this could be a very good mod and I want it to be a good mod. Also could you elaborate on what the recruit spawn option for partners does? It seems to just be another clone?