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    But is Stop The Ped also causing the partner to randomly hop out of the car and hop back in, randomly run away down the street when we are at a callout, not be aggressive in gunfights (with the option enabled) and my player going into the drivers seat and needing to get pulled out by my partner in driver mode? Doesn't seem like anything Stop The Ped does should interfere with these situations, since unlike prisoner transporting, Stop The Ped isn't being used when these bugs occur.
  2. TylerWaffles

    Any chance you could address/fix the issues me and the other guy reported as well? Sorry for the hassle I just really like this mod and want it to work fully
  3. TylerWaffles

    Yup I experienced these as well. Sucks because I really like this plugin. I was getting shot at by a gang and my partner just stood outside my vehicle with his hands on his belt, not helping at all (and engage hostiles was on). So the plugin doesn't really work currently with 0.4, the partner doesn't do anything but stand outside the car and follow me around. Hopefully @Darkmyre can fix this soon.
  4. TylerWaffles

    Hello @DarkMyre I loved this plugin when I used it for 0.3 when I used to play LSPDFR. I haven't played in some months now but when I saw 0.4 was out I decided to play again. I remembered your mod and installed it today but noticed some issues that I don't remember having before, so I was wondering if you could help me or if you know about these and are working on a fix. - Sometimes my human partner randomly runs away or wanders away when I'm outside of my car at situations such as a callout. Then they will despawn and the notification will tell me they died or ceased to exist. - I was letting my partner drive, and when I wanted them to stop, I used the 'Stop Here' button in the menu, but instead of stopping my partner started driving faster. - This might have been a one time thing as I haven't tested it more than once, just thought to mention: While at a traffic stop and using the pop up menu to tell my partner to go to the side of the suspects vehicle, my partner stayed on the side of my vehicle just staring straight for the entire traffic stop. Any help with these issues would be very appreciated. Thank you.