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  1. hello everybody :D hope you are all having a great weekend!!

  2. RyWilson

    i just finished posting my new EMS episode using the Agency Callouts! If anyone is interested in doing EMS episodes, i HIGHLY recommend this script over the other EMS "mods". they are buggy and fucky and make no sense. Fantastic job and i was actually proud of the episode i produced. thanks dark
  3. RyWilson

    there IS NO other search script that works like this one. i used to use one that let you search door by door, but after using this i can't go back. its been in my game for months now. i simply couldn't see going back and i cant see any other script coming close to this!
  4. RyWilson

    i am SO happy to have this back in my game again..i used it before on my old PC and my computer just couldn't handle all the awesomeness this has..one of the best ambient event scripts i've ever used.
  5. hi everybody!! make sure to get early access on the K9 script!! to see what it can do, visit some of the Kuffs member channels and check out the videos!! you wont be disappointed!

  6. RyWilson

    i will agree with everyone else. this is a MUST have for Americans who want full immersion with the police toolkit. thanks alot Budda for taking the time to make this addition!!
  7. RyWilson

    this is one of those permanent files that go in your game and never leave. ever wanted to just walk up to someone and ID them without stopping them? ever wanted to do drug/alcohol tests without pressing several keys? ever wanted to give more infractions than are legally allowed? then this IS the script for you. i also use this when i pull someone over now. its self contained and awesome. also, dont forget to go over to download the US Traffic Offense file if you are an American. Budda created it and it works flawlessly.
  8. RyWilson

    without a doubt Police Partner is the premiere partner script for GTA V. while i wouldn't mind seeing him in some new clothes, there is no doubt this is the dude you wanna have on duty with you..and some manly looking lady cops too
  9. howdy dark!! i came by to show my support and sign up :)

    1. Darkmyre


      Thanks mate :D you should now have your shiny moderator badge too :D

    2. HTownman7


      He ain't the only one.:P


      I'm here also so I can use some of your plugins and YOURS only - like Patrol Toolkit and Search Warrant, for instance.