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  1. hey , the problem i mentioned is solved but another one just appeared, when i press "T" to let the patient into the ambulance theres is no door opening animation , either for the driver door and the wheels "dissapear". Some time i can drive it to the hospital and sometimes i get stuck in the same place were i parked the ambulance to treat the patient. I dont know if this is a problem from the plugin or not. I let you the log. Game crashed after the doctor took the patient when i parked in hospital with the no door animation and no wheels vehicle. Thanks for the quick response. If you´re confused about the problem i could record it and sen you the video link RagePluginHook.log
  2. Hi , when i play your plugin everything goes fine until i press "T" to get the patient into my ambulance , when he gets in it lspdfr crashes. Im dont really now how to find crash log but its this one. RagePluginHook.log
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