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  1. ChrisB1B86

    Hey @Darkmyre @Kompetenzz I was just curious as to the compatibility with versions of GTA - is this built against 1011 and 1032?
  2. ChrisB1B86

    Thank you for your reply and advice mate. Keep up the great work.
  3. ChrisB1B86

    @Darkmyre So, I must have been on the previous version of your darkmyre API because I just downloaded your latest update and it now works perfectly well. The problem is, LSPDFR update checker doesn't consider your API as essential to your mods so it did not dawn on me to see if you had a newer version uploaded (which you did and I have now fixed the problem with it).
  4. ChrisB1B86

    @Darkmyre I'm having the exact same problem. Everything is installed. All up to date. Latest Darkmyre API. Menu does not come up when pushing Ctrl+End