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  1. Version 1.0.0


    RadioRealism™ Lite V1 - a BuddaModz™ Creation RadioRealism™ Lite V1, an 'offspring' of RadioRealism™; is a a 'lite' version containing three custom radio tones for use with teamspeak, intended to provide improved immersion in your group police role play gaming. Included are mic click on, mic click off and Whisper notify tones. ____________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS RADIOREALISM™? The RadioRealism Project Aims to provide more immersion and realism to the police radio audio in LSPDFR and further the immersion for police role play in gaming. . Currently this 'Beta Teaser' changes key radio audio files with custom edited, high quality replacement audio based on real world radio tones, squelches, key clicks, beeps etc. (learn more about RadioRealism™ at buddarocks.com) Check out the RadioRealism™ Beta Demo Video to hear the tones included in RadioRealism™ lite as well as closer look at what the RadioRealism™ project aims to bring to LSPDFR. ______________________________________________________________________ All Files are custom made by me and are all ©BuddaModz/BuddaRocks Gaming. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE, DISTRUBUTE, Re-upload or include in any other plugin/callout or mod audio files with out my express permission. ***You may use these audio files in monetized livestreams and video productions, with the following caveats: 1) Proper credit be given in descriptions, and if so inclined, verbal plugs for the project for descriptions please link to http://buddarocks.com/buddamodz 2) If you use this version in a video or stream and it does very well for you, please consider donating to the RadioRealism Project and help it grow. 3) As always, your feedback is very much appreciated. Let me know what you think, and what improvements could be made. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ***PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MANAGE YOUR BACKUP FILES. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRUPT GAME FILES. *** INSTALLATION ------------ Unzip the contents to wherever to unzip yo shit. To install, navigate to teamspeak/sound/ Following the same folder path provided in the download, copy the contents of the unzipped folder and over write. ***BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRUPT FILES, NOR ANY ISSUES RESULTING FROM USING THIS AUDIO MOD. *** ---------------------------------------- BuddaModz, RadioRealism and NoHiss names, logos, and images are Copryright/Trademark pending. All contents/properties of Buddamodz projects and related medias are Owned by and ©2017; BuddaModz/Br Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
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