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    _ ______________ _ ___ _________ | |/_/ __/ ___/ _ | / |/ / |/ / __/ _ \ _> <_\ \/ /__/ __ |/ / / _// , _/ /_/|_/___/\___/_/ |_/_/|_/_/|_/___/_/|_|by khorio XScanner is an LSPDFR Scanner replacement. Features: MP3 playback Scanner volume control Audio queueing Hooking of calls to the LSPDFR default scanner, plugins don't need to update to make use of XScanner. Extensive API for developers Ambient vehicle background scanner POI audio and more, Default audio for streets is included. Installation: Place files from the "Grand Theft Auto V" folder into your game installation folder. Settings can be found in Plugins\LSPDFR\XScanner\Config\XScanner.ini Audio volume can be set by holding down Ctrl-Shift and pressing +- If you would like to join the early access program and be the first to use and test plugins like: Automatic Roadblocks SWAT Revamped Rednecks! Special Ops you can find more info here. API documentation and wrapper example class is included for developers. !!!WARNING!!! This WILL break Automatic Roadblocks v1.x, Automatic Roadblocks 2 will be released within the next week and will require XScanner. Special thanks to all my early access members, especially Kilyin for his generosity. Credits: PNWParksFan for allround help, stresstesting and always delaying my releases alexguirre for memory edits and help with hooking Darkmyre for testing buggy releases khorio for everything else Any issues, don't hesitate to leave a message.


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