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    • MoeDeeb  »  i like yo cut g

      i like yo cut g
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    • Marcoshasd12  »  ConsKrypt

      i dont get what your falcon needs to be installed as i see metas as a possibility of a addon but it also seems like its a replace. 
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    • ConsKrypt

      A Notice to all: Please refrain from linking to Gambling services, this will result in your account being penalized as the AusGamer Network does not wish to align with these services.

      If you have any kind of gambling links within your profile - I suggest immediate removal before you find yourself unable to partake due to a temporary ban.

      Thank you for your understanding.
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    • ConsKrypt

      Just went over the forums and cleaned up some incompatible SSL links - Please keep in mind when posting external images that they use https:// rather then just  http:// this will keep the connection more secure and wont break SSL compliance.
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