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Out of the Frying Pan -Night 2



The wannabe Crows awake together and feed from the fresh collection of bodies chained up at the temple. These vampires seem to think nothing of it. Two nights ago Hanzo would have been horrified and appalled now he feeds with casual indifference. Ivan jumps back up and climbs out through the hole in the floor, Lucinda springs up through it, Hanzo looks, retraces his steps and finds the stairs.


The Hall floor is cleared and a scaffold-like structure spans where the ground floor ceiling wasn’t. Hanzo looking down at it from the second floor notices that it has mounting points with what looks like wrist and ankle straps. It looks like you could string an entire pack up there. Hanzo felt very nervous. The Bishop and Ruth were in tense discussion, as Ivan and Lucinda approached, it went quiet. Ruth turned to them and said precisely and clearly “Get Hanzo and then bring me the gift” Ivan and Lucinda looked blank, you want us to get Hanzo for a gift? She repeated slowly and carefully. Somehow she makes you feel stupid, and like a little child all at once. “Get Hanzo and then bring me the gift NOW”
Ivan and Lucinda hurry off to find Hanzo. They were both quietly questioning, ‘was she going to sacrifice Hanzo?’ They repeat Ruth’s message to Hanzo. With a flash of insight, relief floods Hanzo and he leads Ivan and Lucinda out to Ruth’s jeep, revealing the 12 bound forms in the back. Blood buffing their strength they carried two each quickly depositing them at Ruth and the bishop's feet. The bishop gave a slight nod of acceptance to Ruth and the bodies are removed.
Soon the perimeter of the hall was full. With the Crimson Crows standing at the base of the dais under guard. Bishop steps up.


As a brother,
we welcomed you to us.
We were blood
We have been betrayed,
Tonight we nurture our vengance
Tomorrow we hunt until not a drop of your blood remains


Theatrically he indicates for the guilty to be attached to the scaffolding. The guards move in tight around the Crows as Carl and his 12 companions are ceremoniously strung up.

Each vampire presents themselves to the bishop and adds their blood to the vaulderie bowl. They then go and question? Torture? the sacrifices. Taking a taste or some marking themselves with blood. Soon the air is alive with screams and shadows as the congregation grows enraged and shatter their tie with Carl. Finally, the Crimson Crows are given Carls remains to shred and devour as the other packs stand witness. Each packs priest fills their Vaulderie bowl and passes it around. Each packs rite seems highly personalised.


Ideas of carnage start being voiced as packs start planning an evening of revenge and mayhem with the knowledge they just gleaned and soon competing calls are taken up as packs have overlapping goals of destruction. The hall empties in a matter of minutes leaving the bishop and his immediate circle to restake and store the remaining 12 playthings for later.

Ivan and Lucinda follow the crowd in Ivans somewhat squashed car. Hanzo gets into Ruths Jeep. The horde charges across the causeway to Miami Beach where they go beserk leaving trails of destruction. Ivan plays dodgems as he careens down the street eventually crashing his car through the front of the club where they had found Carl before heading back to the Temple.
Ruth drives quietly around the edges of the chaos. Looking intently. After a bit, she too heads back to the Temple. Only one other car and bike have returned. The hall has been restored to its usual cluttered abandoned look.


Within minutes of returning Hanzo hears tyres and gunfire. He senses danger and melts into the shadows. Ivan and Lucinda head back to the remains of Ivans car. Hanzo creeps around the attackers right flank crouching low to avoid the exchange of gunfire. He drew his fathers knife.
As Ivan and Lucinda drive guns blazing towards the attackers left front, Hanzo slits his first throat. Curiously he noticed that the wound did not heal rapidly. He tried calling the dagon again for the second before quickly returning to the knife.





The repeated crash and shoot tactics of Ivan and Lucinda also took their toll, leaving a battered collection of corpses on the ground. Survivors came out to join in the feast on the remains. After cleanup Ivan, Hanzo and Lucinda shared in their vinculum. They seemed to celebrate it somewhat differently to the Crows. Valuing Persistence, loyalty, cunning. Using a ritual blade to cut the offered arm, stirring with the blade. Ivan was curious to the differences. After observing, Hanzo noticing Ruth was not there and goes off looking for her. About half of the rest of the packs came back in dribs and drabs over the evening. 


There is still no sign of Ruth, and no one has heard from Real, Sunshine or Tyrone. As the night draws to a close the three of you lie on your beds looking at two empty dirt pillows trying to make sense of the last 48 hours. Both Hanzo and Lucinda feel the absence of their new pack quite strongly.



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