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A Quick Snack -Night 1




On waking, Ivan, Hanzo and Lucinda are informed that they need to recover a particular vampire named ‘Carl’ who is betraying the pack and all Sabbat. Time is short, survival depends on it. Real (Retro Classic) gives the characters an old photo of Carl. He is short and stocky. He has long black hair and a moustache, he is the missing vampire from the night before. It is noted that it will be better for them to destroy Carl than to let him get away. Sunshine (stonefish child) cheerfully calls after them ‘failure is not an option'


Lucinda makes a few calls, and leaning on her contacts, arranges to meet at a potential sighting of ‘Carl’.


Splitting between two cars, Ivan and Hanzo follow Lucinda’s dual cab, spotlight touting, rednecks wet dream of a ute. 


A short way into the ride, Hanzo decides he wants a feed first. He convinces Ivan to pull over next to a local park that has a few 'young people' drinking from a paper bag covered bottle. Not wanting to feed in public, they decide to use the house next to the park. Ivan walks around and carefully supports Hanzo stepping out of the car. Using their newly acquired disciplines to manipulate their prey, Hanzo plays the weak elderly gentleman inviting the young people in for a drink with him and they walk up to the house next to the park. Three take him up on it. Two go ahead with Ivan and one walks with Hanzo. As they walk up the front path, Lucinda realizes they’re not behind her and chucks a u'ie and returns.

The house is owned by an old Italian couple it is filled with memories, iconography and knicknacks. The wife is at the stove in the kitchen cooking bolognese, the husband is watching something on the telly with the volume quite loud.

burnt down house in miami.png

On walking through the front door with the first two, Ivan bangs their heads together then drags them into the bathroom for a feed. While he is feeding Hanzo walks in (casting quietus as he crosses the threshold) with the remaining youth who sees Ivan feeding and draws a weapon. Lucinda appears behind Hanzo shooting the underage drinker with her shotgun. The old man who lived there emerges to get batteries for his hearing aide and Lucinda fells him with her celerity attack and reloads. Hanzo, now presented with an oozing feast frenzies. Ivan emerges from the bathroom and indicates back towards the bathroom for Lucinda. Shaking his head at Hanzo’s mess he proceeds down the hall to the kitchen. Seeing the crucifix Ivan steps back, Lucinda doesn't. She  continues forward firing her shotgun twice at the wife and returns to her car (passing Hanzo, who, having come to his senses,  is now in the bathroom showering.). Ivan shakes his head and goes into ‘damage control’ mode. Summoning his willpower he crosses the room, skirting the crucifix. Reaching the stove he turns it off, startled by severity of his response to flame. Ivan turns the gas back on puts a few household items into the microwave and runs. Hanzo, feeling an Impending Sense Of Doom leaps out of the shower, grabs a (floral) bathrobe from behind the door and races from the house.


The gas-filled kitchen ignites as the three drive off. The fire affected them all more than they cared to admit.


The rest of the drive was filled with 'settle petal' and 'once and flor-al' puns. Ivan would not leaf it alone. Lucida parks out the front of 'Heart' nightclub. Swinging down from the cab she goes straight to the bouncer (her contact) at the front door while Ivan supervised Hanzo. 
Hanzo was approaching some random. Dressed like a pop gansta, dripping with bling, he was wearing an electric blue velvet suit. Having had it pointed out to him for the last 20 minutes that 'he would not be allowed through the front door wearing only a women's floral bathrobe' he was determined to buy something appropriate.
Lucinda glances back over her shoulder at them, sighs and discretely catches up with her contact. Apparently, the guy in the photo has been there the last two nights. He is not here yet. She decides to wait inside.
After a bit of negotiating Hanzo hands Ivan $500 to exchange for the suit jacket and trousers. Ivan pockets $400 and completes the exchange. Heart NIghtclub.pngHanzos blue suit.png
Hanzo returns to Ivan's car to dress then they follow Lucinda into the club. Hanzo obfuscates and sneaks inside as he still has no shirt or shoes. 

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Thanks for your support killereagle :) will get the next one up asap for you (kinda been busy building)

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