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The making of a shovelhead -Night 0




Pinewood, Coral Gables 10.png

The three player characters in this story are Hanzo, Lucinda and Ivan. 


Hanzo Tokadashi 

9th generation vampire

Sire Ruth

of Assamite blood


Retired, personal quest

Apparent age:64

Tradionalist, Rogue


I live in Key Biscayne, Miami. I am 64. When I was 29 my family was brutally murdered. It was then I found out my father had had a dark secret. He had worked with the Yakuza and fled from them to America with a large sum of wealth. He trained as an elite assassin specializing in daggers, to which I possess a family heirloom of a dagger made from silver, bound together with bamboo. Many years have passed and I am still to discover the truth around my family's death. 


Quite well off, Hanzo owns a minimalist well appointed home in Key Biscayne

Merits & Flaws selected:

  • Prey exclusion: children
  • Vengeance: Hanzo is obsessed with Avenging his family's murder. The need for vengeance can only be overcome temporarily with the expenditure of willpower points
  • Concentration
  • Danger Sense



12th generation vampire


actually Sire was 8th Generation Ventrue, making Lucinda 9th Generation


Sire Carl

of Brujah blood


actually Sire was 8th Generation Ventrue, making Lucinda Ventrue



Bounty hunter 

Apparent age: 30’s


She was actually born in 1951and has been a Ghoul since1980



Loner / Bravo

Bail bondsman / bounty hunter she hires herself out to the highest bidder



Initially simply dominated by Leshaun, Lucinda’s work often tidied up loose ends for the aged Ventrue.  (locating and cleaning up after errant neonates, recovering mortals so their memories can be edited) At this point, Lucinda was not actively aware of the particular tastes of her investor. In 1980 when she among others were called on to protect the family during the riots. Lucinda became blood bound. She continued to perform as a bail bondsman /bounty hunter and was embraced by Carl just prior to the mass embrace.



She has two major contacts, one on the club scene and one at DMV. She has a Home-Office/Condo in Coconut Grove and a secret ally

Merits & Flaws selected:

  • Repulsed by garlic
  • Police ties
  • Deep sleeper
  • Amnesia
  • Absent-minded -in order to remember anything other than her name or haven she needs to roll wits or use willpower. 


Ivan the Russian

11th generation vampire

Sire: Real

of Torreador blood


Russian wheelman

Apparent age 30ish 
Rogue, Rebel



Ivan the Russian is an incredible driver (think car chase scenes from Bourne movies), he is a wheelman for the Russian mob
Strongly religious in that stereotypical eastern European mob kinda way


Ivan has contacts at the Marina and Commercial Docks and 'Ivan the Russian' is a recognised local solution, his services are generally contracted at Porky's


Merits & Flaws selected:

  • Repelled by crosses 
  • Repulsed by garlic 
  • unbondable


After the players have created their human characters, they find themselves standing in Pinewood Cemetery. Part of a group of ten scared individuals unable to move staring at the empty graves in front of them.


Nico (recently returned from armed service)
Rebecca (Teacher)
Maria (psychology major spring break leftover)
John (Dentist)
Ivan (Russian wheelman)
Scott (Computer systems administrator)
Lucinda (
bail bondsman)
Zafar (Boat operator)
Hanzo (elderly Japanese gentleman)
Leslie (Wastewater treatment plant and system operator)


The ten of you are huddled together in Pinewood Cemetery surrounded and immobilized by your 5 captors. An odd collection of people surrounded by an even odder collection of captors. An anglo man radiating impeccable retro classic style in jeans and a white t-shirt. A 9yo blonde haired blue eyed girl who seemed to have beige coloured spikes sprouting out of her limbs like a stonefish, a young shirtless, Hispanic man covered in tattoos, in the moonlight they look like they're moving.  A young lean waitress ( an absolute stunner) with pale skin and raven black hair, A stocky man in a black 70's suit wearing sunglasses shoulder length hair and a moustache.


Terrified by what should be farcical, you just stand there noticing stupid details, looking at the empty graves and listening to the sing-song sound of the little girl’s chanting waiting for the inevitable.


The little girl chants

'Bound in your misconceptions.
We gift you with a glimpse of self,
Starved, beaten and weak.
We gift you with the taste of power,
Empty and disillusioned.
We gift you with raw passion
Will you squander it or rise?'


The pack then descends on the 10 and drinks until the victims are left bloodless. Each pack member bites their own wrists and pours a few drops into the mortal's mouths. The Sabbat do not let the recruits regain consciousness. They bash them over the head with a shovel and throw them into graves. By the time the victims regain consciousness, they are buried six feet under.


A lust for blood drives the now-buried recruits, who must claw their way back to the surface. The potent vitae in their systems puts them in a state of what can best be called semi-consciousness, where hallucinations bombard them. 


These hallucinations cause them to remember their lives in very twisted and evil ways. The violent nature of these hallucinations induces violent action in the real world. This helps them break free of the coffins holding them and dig their way out. The more they succumb to the hallucinations, the more Humanity they will lose, but the easier it becomes to dig out of the ground. Those who do not make it out of the earth that first night will never make it. They will remain half-conscious and starving for a full day, after which they will fade in and out of torpor for eternity, growing madder and madder. 


Once a recruit emerges from the ground, he meets a Sabbat grave watcher who promptly knocks him out again. 

When you awaken, you find yourself in a dark chamber with two other recruits and 4 of your captors. Your head is pounding and reeling all at once. Your mind screaming in unidentified hunger


The little girl spoke

"Caine said, 'A life without Power will not be worth living.'
He wept blood.
He caught the tears in a cup and drank them. 
And the darkness was lifted like a veil.
He Awakened. So shall you be awakened through Caine’s gifts."


The four True Sabbat mix a portion of their own blood into a chalice while the girl chants.


"We observe the rites
We act with honour strength and unity
Always for the Pack,
Always for the Sabbat
Always for Freedom"


The smell is intoxicating, it consumes your thoughts. You need to taste it.


They each sip from the chalice and pass it around for you each to drink. 


After all have drunk from the cup, you are led away and given human victims to drink.


After this first Vaulderie, you are all given a brief rundown of your condition and a very basic introduction to a range of new abilities. 


Hanzo appears to manifest Celerity, Obfuscate and Quietus. 

Ivan Auspex, Celerity and Presence. 

Lucinda demonstrates Celerity, Potence, and to the Sabbat's surprise, Presence. Sent to sleep away the daylight hours you drift off to heated discussion.


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