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Important Info For Steam Users Regarding Latest GTA Update

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Note: This information only affects Steam users. Retail users may need to take other steps, or may be totally unaffected.


The latest Rockstar title update to GTA V (March 14th) introduced a new version of steam_api64.dll to the game. This file is used by Steam games to connect to Steam and verify ownership/etc before launching. Due to this chance, simply reverting to your earlier backup using RPH will NOT work, because the old version of the game doesn't understand this new DLL. In order to continue playing LSPDFR on an older version, you need to take the following extra step:


If you haven't yet updated:

Go into your GTA V directory, and copy steam_api64.dll somewhere convenient such as the desktop. Let Steam upgrade your game, revert to the earlier version with RPH, then copy this file from your desktop back into your game directory.


If you've already updated and are now stuck:

Go into the directory for any other Steam game you own, and check the version number of steam_api64.dll (right-click the file, select Properties, go to Details tab, and check the File Version entry). The version I'm using is, although any version below 3.X.Y.Z should work. Copy this file into your GTA directory, and revert to an earlier version with RPH (if you haven't already).


This should get you back up and running before the new RPH version is out. When the new version is out, you will likely need to VERIFY your game via Steam to get the new steam_api64.dll file (RPH backup tool doesnt touch this file, which caused this issue in the first place). You can do that by right-clicking GTA in your Steam library, selecting Properties, go to Local Files tab, and click Verify Integrity Of Game Files.

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