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Darkmyre Gaming Early Access Program

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Looking to get early access to the latest Darkmyre Gaming plugins/scripts? This is now possible via the new Early Access Program! This program allows me to provide something back to those of you who've already donated to support my work, and allows you to play with new callouts/plugins I've worked on before they're released publicly.


What do you get?

As an Early Access Program member, you will receive early access to new betas and release candidates of my plugins. You will also receive priority support via the Support Hub should you have any issues with any of my plugins. Final releases will be available to EAP members for 1 month before being released to the general public, with beta releases only being made available to EAP members. You also receive a shiny highlighted colour on my Discord server for those that like shineys.


How to join Early Access Program

The Early Access Program is available to all those who donate at least US$12/AU$15 per month. The easiest way to maintain your EAP access is via my new Patreon, by subscribing to the First Responder tier. Patreon will then handle monthly billing and keep your EAP access active automatically.


Of course, you don't have to sign up for a recurring payment, any one-off single payment of at least US$12/AU$15 entitles you to a month of EAP access. However, as this is not an automated process, you will need to contact me on discord, or via email to [email protected] to complete your registration. One-off payments can be made via my Donation Page


When your EAP access expires or ends, you can continue to use the existing versions you already have installed - you simply lose access to the EAP downloads section so will not be able to access new versions as they are released.


How to download EAP versions

All EAP versions are distributed via this website, once your access has been updated you will see a new Early Access Program category in the downloads section. While your EAP membership is active, you can freely download EAP versions at your convenience from the download section.


Are EAP versions stable?

Two types of files will be released under EAP, Release Candidates and Beta versions. Release Candidates should generally be error free and ready for final release, and are simply being released early via EAP. Beta versions should be crash-free, but may still contain some errors and incomplete features. Beta versions will be clearly identified as such in the version number.


Can EAP versions be used on YouTube?

As a YouTuber myself, I recognise the benefits of being able to use new exciting features/callouts in videos. There are currently no restrictions on EAP Release Candidates being used in videos or livestreams. Beta versions may also be used on videos/streams, however you must include text in your description stating the relevant plugin is currently in beta.


Other questions?

If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] or message me on Discord.

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EAP Licenses are now available directly through the store: https://www.darkmyre.net/store/

This is now the preferred way to obtain an EAP license, as it will allow a much smoother process for users (for example, receive access to the EAP downloads immediately upon purchase). Payments are currently only available via PayPal, though credit card payments will be added as soon as possible for those that are unable or unwilling to use PayPal. Payments can be made in either AUD or USD.


Patreon supporters and those who donate via StreamLabs during my livestreams will still be eligible for EAP access as per the above post.

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