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Vehicles to use

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Fairly new to the Australian side of modding! Would anyone be able to provide a list of cars to use to fill the majority of slots, or @Darkmyre himself provide his car list as it looks wonderful!


Sorry and thanks :)

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Well to find any cars that belong to the Australian Police Forces currently you are best to look over on lspdfr and search for some of these terms;

  • NSWPF (New South Wales Police Force)
  • QPS (Queensland Police Service)
  • TASPOL (Tasmanian Police - Sidenote: Tasmania isn't real 9_9)
  • WAPOL (Western Australian Police)
  • SAPOL (South Australian Police)
  • AFP (Australian Federal Police)

Un sure if Northern Territory has any skins/vehicles released at this current point.

Also recommended to get the ELS versions where applicable, ELS just makes it sooooo much prettier.

Oh and this is also a must:


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