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    Police Tape

    Version 1.0.0


    It's Los Santos... people get shot, people get run over, things catch fire... and it's usually all your fault. Eventually, you need to do something to keep nosy bystanders out of your business. Ever wished you could quickly close off a freeway so no cars can get by? Ever wanted to block off the scene of a dead body so that curious pedestrians couldn't tell who exactly shot them? Perhaps you just want to peacefully do some construction work, but oblivious drivers keep driving into your work zone. Or maybe you're fighting a fire, and need to stop rubberneckers from wandering into harm's way. No matter what you do in Los Santos, Police Tape is here to keep everyone else out of your way. Featuring dynamic tape with cloth physics that blows in the wind Aim-and-click tape and barrier placement lets you attach tape to any surface Built-in advanced traffic control stops even the stupidest San Andreas drivers Ped path blocking prevents most ambient peds from crossing police lines, while allowing backup, medics, coroners, and suspects to keep going Full API lets plugin and callout creators add tape to their own scenes Tape import/export system lets you save your tape and include saved tape scenes in callouts Tape management menu to delete individual strands of tape and manage traffic control Customize your tape texture to get different text or patterns OIV installer to install scripts and police tape model files Join the Parks Benefactor Program to join my exclusive Discord server and get early access to mod updates and new mods like this one! Special thanks to all the members of the Parks Benefactor Program who helped make the development of this mod possible! And a huge shoutout to the Old Faithful level donors who have gone above and beyond to support my modding: Kilyin, Sergeant Anderson, Magiobiwan, bobmat4, Flynn40, FairCop. KNOWN ISSUE: The tape sometimes droops through the ground, especially when there is not much wind or with longer pieces of tape. User more barriers and shorter pieces of tape to help reduce this effect. This is due to the limitations of what cloth physics can do in zmodeler/GTA V. I am looking for a way to make the tape more taught, but so far it does not appear to be possible. If you want to try to improve the model files to reduce this issue, by all means feel free to give it a try and let me know if you find anything else. Please do not complain about drooping tape in reviews, this is a KNOWN ISSUE that I CAN NOT FIX because of limitations of the game engine that are outside of my control. KNOWN ISSUE: You may need to install a modified gameconfig.xml, depending on your version of GTA V. If you already have a modified gameconfig.xml to support add-on vehicles, you should be OK. If you haven't before and your game crashes on startup after installing Police Tape, you need to install a custom gameconfig. Below are links to gameconfig.xml versions that are known to be compatible with Police Tape for several recent game versions. Credits: Oleg for adding cloth physics support to zmodeler 3 alexguirre for RageNativeUI alexguirre and "Unknown Modder" for help with fragment resizing memory editing LtFlash for the 3D Marker class (modified by PNWParksFan) Khorio for help with blocking peds and vehicles from crossing a line MulleDK and the RPH team for RagePluginHook PNWParksFan - everything else Manual uninstallation instructions: