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  1. Well I guess this site will be getting a bit more traffic.. Honestly I can not stand the 'moderation' team on that website. If you can't handle someone speaking up on issues that are very widespread in the community, then you're unfit to be in charge. Looks like they prefer to shut down the people that aren't gonna keep quiet and not cause any 'issues'. The good news is I can assure you that it won't be happening here.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    NOT TO BE USED IN CLANS - DO NOT UPLOAD TO ANY OTHER SITES Hello everyone, This is my NSW Police General Duties skin for the Holden Commodore VF wagon. Includes Lore friendly callsigns! Please note. You cannot use all skins at the same time. OpenIV crashes when importing more than 8 skins. Please choose the callsigns you want and only import max. 8. This pack is recommended for YouTubers who want to make accurate videos! Remember you cannot use for a clan! INCLUDED: NSW Police GD Skin: City 35, City 39 (CI) Sandy Shores 36, Sandy Shores 34 (SD) Paleto Bay 37, Paleto Bay 32 (PB) Great Chaparal 31, Great Chaparal 39 (GC) Tongva Hills 37, Tongva Hills 42 (TO) Dell Pero 14, Dell Pero 33 (DE) Vinewood Hills 35, Vinewood Hills 31 (VH) Vinewood 35, Vinewood 30 (VI) East Los Santos 30, East Los Santos 36 (ES) South Los Santos 38, South Los Santos 41 (SU) Port of Los Santos 32, Port of Los Santos 39 (PO) Tataviam Mountains 34, Tataviam Mountains 14 (TVM) Extras: City 300, Police Transport Command 523, School Liason Police 23, LAC MAP Here's the one used in the screenshots: Also compatible with Macgregor's model! http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13839-nsw-police-general-duties-holden-evoke/If there is anything I need to fix let me know! CREDITS: Skin created by SkillfulCorpse/SkillfulStudio Template created by Macgregor Model required to use this skin created by MacgregorThanks! LAC GUIDE: http://imgur.com/a/Ap5lW


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