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  1. Paramedic calls were removed from the latest version of Agency Callouts. They've been split off into a dedicated callout pack just for Paramedic stuff.

    (The initial release does have some issues with blips not being cleaned up correctly and a couple other issues in the comments, I'm working on a fix for these issues).


  2. Game files being corrupt is usually an issue installing a vehicle or similar (so in your case, either OZGTA or one of the vehicles). Most likely cause is probably a typo in one of the vehicles meta file entries (vehicles.meta, handling.meta etc). Even something as simple as a missing < or > in these files can break the game. These files are XML format, so as a first step I'd be putting any meta files you edited through something like this: Validate XML files (xmlvalidation.com) - it should highlight very quickly if there's an error in one, and usually it'll just be a missing bracket you can add in.

  3. As far as I know, if it's not available here or on LSPDFR.com, then its no longer available. I'm not even sure if that one was publicly available at some point, a lot of the models I used were given to me by their creators. And no, I can't redistribute someone else's work without their approval. A lot of Aussie cars seem to have been removed due to the nearly endless drama around model theft, unapproved use on fivem servers, etc etc. It sucks for those doing the right thing, but unfortunately with vehicle models the only way to 100% absolutely avoid any of that, is to just never release them to the public.

  4. You could maybe look into compressing some of the larger audio files but I'm not familiar with that personally.

    I always just grabbed like a half-second recording of silence (makes a tiny wav file) and replace some of the larger sounds with that. Worth listening to the larger sounds before replacing them as some are things like novelty horns that you might like (and doing this will make the things you replace silent in-game).

  5. The website is currently undergoing maintenance, and the download module is currently not functioning. I'll post an update once this has been resolved.

    This has now been resolved. There may be some template/UI issues remaining from the update, but access and downloading is now fully functional again.

  6. Sorry this is my bad. I need to update my other plugins to be compatible with the latest version of DarkAPI (I remember updating them locally so I guess I forgot to upload the new versions). I'll need to double-check they're ready to release but should have them all updated by Saturday. In the meantime, you'd need to remove LSPDFR Comes Alive and use v4 of DarkAPI (should be included with the other plugins of mine), OR remove my other plugins and use LSPDFR Comes Alive.

  7. All of my plugins are compatible with the latest RPH/LSPDFR versions. The only issue I'm aware of, is a bug in the Surveillance Target callout so it is recommended to NOT accept this callout until I'm able to release an update.


    Regarding other callout packs, your best bet is to check the comments section on the callout packs download page. People are usually pretty vocal when things stop working 😉

  8. On 11/27/2019 at 12:12 PM, jarrod92180 said:

    using control & end, i go to paramedic. scroll through the calls and press A .


    Make sure you're pressing A/Enter when choosing Paramedic. The menu should then close and you'll get a prompt 'Now receiving calls for Paramedic', then you'll be able to select the calls from within the menu.

  9. On 8/30/2019 at 6:04 AM, RasckalionYT said:

    first i wanna say great plugin pack bro, and im having issues with some of the callouts they dont work and the warrant one crashes my game (Agency Callouts)

    Can you post your log file from a crash?

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