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File Comments posted by Darkmyre

  1. That log file is exactly the right one 🙂

    Looks like one of the xml files the plugin uses didn't install correctly. You should have a number of XML files in GTA V\Plugins\DarkmyreAPI\

    From the log, it seems the ems.xml file is missing. I've attached it here, simply save it to the DarkmyreAPI folder and it should fix the issue.


  2. Agency Callouts

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    Thanks for the reports guys. It's well past time for me to go through every callout and make sure everything is working correctly in current versions of things. May take a bit of time to get this done, as my GTA hasn't worked properly in a couple of updates.

  3. Agency Callouts

       48087    142

    Unfortunately not, Callout names are set within the code. I'll need to update the plugin for the callout to work again, will try and get that done in the next couple days.

  4. Agency Callouts

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    7 hours ago, Kilo117 said:

    I don't see paramedic, when I'm in the menu. 


    Paramedic mode has been separated into its own plugin to make future development easier: 


  5. On 4/5/2021 at 8:13 PM, Sherlock said:

    I cant help myself, but i can not chance the agency from Police to EMS.

    The plugin even dosnt seems to be active. I´ve tried several times to delete everything and install it again, but it wont work...


    EDIT - with callout manager, i can see that the Plugin is on the list, but still can not chance Agency or start a Callout


    It looks like I messed up the mod description, if you haven't changed the default ini the menu key will be CTRL+END, not CTRL+X. You'll need to change this if you have Agency Callouts or another plugin that uses CTRL+END.


    If that still doesn't work, please post your RagePluginHook.log 

  6. On 2/3/2021 at 12:20 PM, SebastianF said:

    >game seems to crash when accepting callout 'burn victim'


    I can't reproduce this crash, so if you can get a log file it'd be helpful.

    Working on the other issues and should have an update out in the next few days.

  7. 8 hours ago, SublimedivyYt said:

    love the paramedic mode but it tends to crash my game and i also like how when you dont accept a callout another unit takes it and it show but it always shows a police cruiser and the blips stay even after the call is finished this is what i have been experiencing 


    Do you have a log from one of the crashes using Paramedic mode?
    And do you remember which call caused the blip/cruiser to stay? (It shouldn't actually send any vehicle, so I think this is one of the calls that includes a police response that isn't cleaning itself up properly).

  8. Agency Callouts

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    3 hours ago, peerklota said:

    I must be screwing it up somewhere. But when I load lspdfr + force Duty, open the agency callouts menu. I don't get the option to choose a agency (I also tried wearing the paramedic outfit) Any ideas?

    Paramedic mode is no longer part of Agency Callouts.

  9. Search Warrant

       54260    58

    On 1/6/2021 at 1:22 AM, KiliHD said:

    Sadly i cant download it anymore. It says: File cannot be found. Error code: 3D161/G

    Lucky i found a copy on my pc

    Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.

  10. DarkAPI

       33082    16

    1 hour ago, Indagroyne said:

    Hi @Darkmyre. First and foremost, thanks for all that you do. Small fyi, getting a 'File not found' error when downloading DarkAPI.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be fixed now.

  11. Patrol Toolkit

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    On 11/1/2020 at 2:45 PM, Pigepn Panzer said:

    For some reason when the peds get pulled over to the blue marker they just suddenly drive off without me dismissing them???

    That's a confirmed bug in the current version. Working on a fix.

  12. Make Visuals Great Again

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    9 hours ago, DirtNastyy said:

    When will I be able to download this graphics mod since its not working at the moment 

    It should be working, you just need to confirm the download. In Chrome you'll get a prompt to Keep/Discard - clicking Keep will let the browser download it. Other browsers will probably have different words, but same concept.

  13. Agency Callouts

       48087    142

    You probably had the latest version from LSPDFR Comes Alive.

    Basically, I changed a whole heap of stuff in that version, released it, then remembered my other plugins used the stuff I'd removed and had to add some of it back in to make everything work again.

  14. Agency Callouts

       48087    142

    8 hours ago, mctosh2 said:

    Does this no longer work for 0.4?


    I'm getting crashes on callouts when I try to interact.




    This was after I pressed T.


    It does, but it looks like you need to update my DarkAPI to the current version here: https://www.ausgamer.net/files/file/24-darkapi/

    The initial update to v5 broke backwards compatibility with some of my older plugins, the latest version there should fix that.

  15. 4 minutes ago, Rmckinstry said:

    Is there any way to remove the event on US-1 with the blown up car and Firetruck and Ambulances on scene. All that happens is every 30 seconds or so I hear explosions.


    Hmm, it shouldn't be causing repeated explosions, I'll need to look into that and get it fixed. But in the meantime, you can disable it by deleting GTA\Plugins\DarkmyreAPI\Scenes\mva1.xml

  16. Patrol Toolkit

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    It should happen for most deaths, although due to the way GTA handles player health it cant always trigger. Usually though it'd be things like explosions, fall damage, or other situations where you take a lot of damage quickly. I'll do some testing to make sure nothing's changed in recent GTA/LSPDFR updates.

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