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Status Updates posted by Darkmyre

  1. Site is undergoing some updates, bear with us!

    1. OblongGaming


      looking good so far mate, can't wait to see when its finished

  2. Finally updated Agency Callouts public version with some new calls!

  3. Plugin updates will be coming this weekend to a few of my plugins, including some new callouts!

    1. OblongGaming


      sweet, can't wait

    2. Darkmyre


      Bit delayed with some RL stuff but should be able to get the updates out tonight or tomorrow

    3. OblongGaming


      Oh cool, no worries, also with your search party call out, could you add like a dialogue box so when we find the person we can ask them if they are okay, and if they need medical attention, also dunno if its possible but if we could get a description of what they are wearing

  4. Just bought my first 3D model...

  5. Off to PAX Australia this weekend! Call me Big Kev cause I am excite!

  6. 5M server should finally be back up this weekend!

  7. New version of RageNativeUI should be out soon that fixes the bug introduced in 1.6 that was causing Search Warrant's results to get 'stuck'

  8. 5M Server will be down until early next week at least, as I won't have time till the weekend to try and find a fix.

  9. 5M server temporarily down due to some server-side upgrades, will try and get it back online ASAP

  10. Normal whitelist has now been restored

  11. 5M server will be locked down for the next few hours for the KUFFS patrol

    1. OblongGaming


      are you streaming it darkmyre


    2. Darkmyre
    3. OblongGaming


      cool, its was a great stream, sorry for late reply

  12. Sorry for the delays, will get through the 5M server apps in the next 24 hrs

    1. OblongGaming


      cool, i will be putting one in eventually, if my personal life commitments don't take over


  13. My plugins should not need updating for RPH51.

  14. Issues with the site should now be fixed, if you find a section not working please message me on Discord

  15. They can take our topic, but they'll never take our freeeeeedom!

  16. Have had to cancel tonights streams sorry

    1. ConsKrypt


      All good, no need to be sorry either man.

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