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    Version 4.0.7017


    Police Partner lets you take an AI officer, fully decked out in the latest EUP fashion, with you on your next patrol. Your partner will assist with traffic stops, pursuits, and general duties during the course of your patrol. Partners are even capable of driving (well, about as capable as any other GTA AI) allowing you to sit back and eat some donuts for a change! This plugin is currently in beta, and may contain bugs and issues. When reporting issues, please remember to include the relevant section of your RagePluginHook.log (located in your main GTA directory). Current Features Summon or dismiss a partner wearing EUP-compatible uniforms. Several different uniforms available - LSPD, LSPD (Wet Weather), Sheriff SWAT, and Undercover. Weapon mimicking - anytime you change your equipped weapon (including to unarmed), your partner will do likewise. Default follow mode - on foot, your partner will try and maintain a position to your right. Getting in/out of a car will cause your partner to do likewise. Traffic Stop AI - partner will leave door open for protection when exiting patrol car. If equipped with any weapon, partner will aim it at the vehicle for the duration of the stop. Pursuit AI - if equipped with a weapon and suspect is in a vehicle, partner will fire on the vehicle. If suspect is on foot, partner will give chase, drawing and aiming at the suspect when he gets close enough. Partner will always target the closest pursuit suspect to him. Valet service - If the partner isn't busy, is closer to your patrol car than you, and you are a reasonable distance from your patrol car, the partner will drive the patrol car closer. Drive mode - Instead of riding shotgun, your partner will take the wheel. Set a waypoint as normal to have the partner drive there code 2, otherwise your partner will cruise around. Some support for pursuits and traffic stops (still very much a work in progress). Known Issues K9 Pursuit AI still needs improvements.


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    Version 0.5c [PRE-REBUILD]


    NOTE: THIS VEHICLE IS GETTING A GROUND UP REBUILD. THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY UPDATES TO THIS VERSION. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE 300C SERIES WITH THE TAG OF 'REBUILD'.... Coming soon. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THIS MODEL IN FULL OR IN PART(S) WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM MYSELF. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS NOR PERMISSION TO USE MY WORK IN PART OR IN FULL TO CREATE YOUR OWN FOR REDISTRIBUTION. PLEASE RESPECT THE FACT THAT WE WORK HARD ON CREATING THESE FOR EVERYONE TO USE, ALL FOR FREE. CLANS/STREAMERS CLAUSE: Requirements OpenIV CustomCarsDLC by @Darkmyre Installation Navigate to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/customcars/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles/vehicles.rpf with OpenIV Extract and import the 3 model files. Open the Readme and follow information about the installation of the required METAS. (Failure to comply to this step will result in the vehicle NOT working.) Click save, then launch GTA and enjoy.


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    Version 1.0.0


    All credit goes to Darkmyre, original creator of the SearchWarrant plugin. https://www.ausgamer.net/ https://www.ausgamer.net/profile/1-darkmyre/ https://www.ausgamer.net/profile/1-darkmyre/?tab=node_downloads_Files General Information : Instead of the default three XML files for the General, Weapons and Narcotics item lists you will have this custom one instead. I added real narcotics and drug names and quantities. Probably added 30-50 items for each category. So I would say about 150 or so new items. This ranges from the general items you will find such as vape pens and other added casual items, to new weapons to seize. Added nearly EVERY weapon from the wiki into here for you to find. Whether it be a MK II pistol with extended magazine on the perp, or the dufflebag in the trunk with shotguns and carbine rifles inside it. Also revised the narcotics section, added actual drug names and quantity names with a lot of variation in weights and containers. Everything from cannabis to hash and " wax " and " dabs " all way to the heavier stuff like prescription pills and painkillers. Also the heavy stuff like heroin and meth is there as well. Along with MDMA and molly and new synthetic drugs. I intend on adding like 10-15 new items to each category every day or so as I think of them. So expect updates. This will make sure your playthroughs and patrols and if you make them gameplay videos have plenty of variety and detail in them when it comes to patting down peds/suspects and searching vehicles. Installation : 1: Go to rockstar directory, main root folder - Example : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V 2: Go to " Plugins " folder 3: Go to " LSPDFR " folder within Plugins folder 4: Go to " SearchWarrant " Folder within LSPDFR Plugins folder 5: Replace the three XML files , General - Narcotics - Weapons - with the new downloaded ones I have provided.


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