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  5. TheProneGuy


    Hey! I'm Nathan AKA Proney, ProneyPie, TheProneGuy...or whatever else you come up with. I mainly enjoy FPS games but you will catch me playing a lot of things RPG, racing, etc. I just play what I enjoy! I do work a full time job, streams will be as often as possible.
  6. yeetmaster

    thanks also whenever my partner goes to fetch the car he tries to open it but it always seems locked and i can never get it to work
  7. Admin


    Streamer from Sydney
  8. Admin

    Its Tamarella

    Part time streamer from Melbourne
  9. Admin

    Markus StarSound

    Singer and a Dancer by day and gamer by night.
  10. Admin


    Gamer, Streamer, Creator. Love the laughs and the people that come with it.
  11. Admin


    Australian, @Twitch Partner. Proud Team Member of @team_oce and Bearded since the day I left the womb.
  12. Admin


    Roleplayer/variety broadcaster from Melbourne, Australia.
  13. Admin


    Aussie streamer with a passion for eccentric and a laugh that will keep you coming back for more.
  14. Admin


    Just a bloke streaming to make friends and have a bit of a laugh.
  15. Admin


    I'm a massive gamer and Warhammer nerd, have to say there is nothing more relaxing than painting and music/ a stream running in the background
  16. Admin

    Wilbur Sprinkle

    Variety streamer and internet nonsense man from Australia
  17. Admin


    Half-german, half-bruneian Australian streamer.
  18. Admin


    Australian variety streamer from Adelaide
  19. Admin


    Aussie variety streamer
  20. Admin


    Gamer, Youtuber & #TwitchANZ affiliate. #WeAreTeamOCE Member
  21. Admin

    Midnight Victoria

    Australian Streamer of survival & story based games.
  22. Admin

    Rorak Gaming

    Rorak is a Minecraft streamer from Adelaide
  23. Darkmyre

    Search car I believe is bugged. Run plate should work as long as you've got Patrol Toolkit installed.
  24. reallydude

    makes you download the file to see what it does. nice edit: changed the rating cuz its not that big of a deal but still kind of annoying
  25. yeetmaster

    my patner will not do any of the things i tell it to do (e.g) run plate, search car
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  27. Darkmyre

    RGB Effects (Corsair Only)

    Version 1.0.0


    This lightweight plugin takes advantage of the iCUE SDK to turn your Function keys (F1-F12) into a virtual lightbar. While in an emergency vehicle with its lights active, your function keys will flash red and blue. Great for first person LSPDFR patrols! This plugin has only been tested on my Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, but should work on any Corsair RGB keyboard with a current version of iCUE and the SDK option enabled. I may add other functionality in the future, but otherwise this is provided as-is.


  28. Admin


    Fiamma is a variety streamer who streams six nights a week on Twitch.
  29. PapanickoSK

    How do I give him weapons? Like he attacks, but only with hands
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