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EMS Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle


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Can't promise anything as of now however id just like to let you know im currently working on a NSW Ambulance Hyundai i40 which ill share pics of here soon. And mid december i should have a santa fe crunched, then convert and make nswpf and asnsw style by probs 20-25th we'll see how we go!!

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TL;DR: Yes, It will be making a comeback. A reworked version from the ground up myself.

If this is in regards to the SantaFe from MrFui, I can say I will be doing something as I have the source files and was the sole person providing him with equipment and vehicle updates.

HOWEVER the vehicle how it sits in its current form is NOT exactly what I would consider a great thing to release as it was majorly tampered with BEFORE it was surrendered to me as a project.

I was sadly burned pretty badly and this has been the major reason as to why I've sorta been quiet and seemingly dropped off the face of the planet in terms of GTA Modding.
It won't likely happen in the next month or two as I have a pretty flat out period in life right now, so I cannot put a date as to when Ill be working on this project.


I will most likely be posting progress shots when the projects underway over on my own website with the occasional update dropped here to stir the pot a little bit every now and then.




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