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Q: "how do you change the unifom to lspd"

Wolf Fang 11/07/19 02:00 PM
A: "You need to save a custom uniform to the wardrobe with EUPMenu first. If you're already on duty when ...Read More"
UnreadyCandy_ 03/24/20 12:50 AM

Q: "Hi!How do you get the dog to enter the car?"

Stotix 01/05/20 10:44 AM

Q: "K9 works almost 100% fine in 0.4 but i can't get him to enter a car. Do you have an sollution for this? Thanks!!"

Cpt_Dirtdiver 04/03/19 09:43 AM
A: "You have to press/hold down the left DPat. I don't know which button to press on the keyboard."
JackiRotti 02/23/20 01:16 PM

Q: "Can I have more then 1 partner (like all 6 members of SWAT)"

PapanickoSK 01/19/19 03:52 PM
A: "Not currently. This may be added in a future version."
Darkmyre 01/19/19 04:49 PM

Q: "No Gun? Whenever I spawn them they don’t have a gun, neither when I pull one out or even if we get shot at. They also seem to be invincible a lot"

JakeTunnacliffe 10/13/18 06:45 PM
A: "Make sure you enable "Engage Hostiles" to allow Partner to use weapons."
Darkmyre 01/19/19 04:50 PM

Q: "am i able to the standard EUP uniforms?"

bobbones97 05/17/20 06:54 PM

Q: "When using bike mode with partner, it works fine except when you accept a callout. Then, the partner stops following and just stays still on the bike. After a while you get "combat target too far" or something like that. This happens on LSPDFR 0.4"

JohnDoe1234 04/19/20 04:59 AM

Q: "Where do I put the DLL file?"

GamerleeYT_plays 01/15/20 07:58 PM
A: "Installation instructions are in the included readme.txt file"
Darkmyre 01/16/20 07:05 AM

Q: "Cool mod! The only thing i miss is multiple partners and more skins for the k-9 dog."

Stotix 01/05/20 12:21 PM

Q: "I have reinstalled my mods today, and when I spawn a partner, it came up as a pair (lets name as 1 and 2). When I kill number 2, and dismiss number 1, then number 2 will be spawned on dismiss."

Anonymous2371 08/11/19 03:19 PM

Q: "I have tried to download brand new copies, tried to reinstall it, and it crashes my LSPDFR every time. Could you take a look?"

Valencia0824 06/06/19 07:04 PM
A: "I absolutely loved having it in LSPDFR 0.3 But for some reason I just can not get it to work with 0. ...Read More"
Valencia0824 06/06/19 07:14 PM

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