UnitedCallouts (Robbery, Drugs, Burglary & More) 1.5.3

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About This File

UnitedCallouts V.1.5.3


Join on my Discord-Server - https://discord.gg/4pnAXKC

for the newest information about the Plugin.


About the Callouts: Robbery, Drugs, Gangs, Burglary, Murder

Note: Keep the version up to date! (Current Version: 1.5.3)

Including an documentation with more infos.



  1. Copy the files of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR".
  2. Copy the folder of "Lspdfr\audio\scanner" in: "GTA V directory\lspdfr\audio\scanner".



  1. LSPDFR 0.4 (or higher)
  2. RagePluginHook 0.64 (or higher)
  3. A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail or Steam)



  • Special thanks to Not AJ for testing my Plugin 
  • He also made the amazing screenshots!


Current Callouts: 

You are welcome to write suggestions in the comments. Maybe that comes in an update.

1. Mugging 

    A person is attacked and needs immediate help!

2. Person with Knife
    A psychiatric person has a knife and tries to kill himself or others.

  •     Dialogue (+)
  •     Different endings and possibilities.

3. GangAttack
     Two gangs trying to kill each other.

4. Stolen Emergency Vehicle
   A person has stolen a police car or an ambulance!
   (Ambulance, Police1, Police3, Firetruck or Police2)

5. Stolen Truck 
   A truck was stolen. Try to stop him.

6. Stolen Bus
   A stolen bus! Are there hostages in there?

7. MoneyTruck is robbed
   A MoneyTruck was robbed and stolen.

8. KillerClown was seen
   A killer clown was seen. Try to arrest him before he comes up with stupid thoughts.

9. Plane Hijacking

   An airplane was stolen at the airport. Are there hostages?

10. DrugDealer
       We found a well-known drug dealer. Stop him and try to contact him.

  •       Dialogue (+)
  •       Different endings and possibilities.

11. Burglary into an apartment
      Someone broke into an apartment! Help the person in the apartment.

  •      Different handlings.

12. Drug Deal

      A drug dealer sells drugs to a random person.


Known bugs: 

If you have found bugs, then report them in the comments or me privately.

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    • By reallydude · Posted
      makes you download the file to see what it does. nice   edit: changed the rating cuz its not that big of a deal but still kind of annoying
    • By TRDOFFROAD03 · Posted
      Very interesting to see a old VL in Gta V. Great job with this model
    • By Darkmyre · Posted
      A great start, especially since you've done more than just a pursuit call. Unfortunately, the current 1.5.1 version most of the calls have either bugs (often plugin-crashing) or immersion issues (eg Stolen Emergency Vehicle always being driven by a cop/paramedic, not a random Ped).   Still, overall a solid start to a callout back and I look forward to seeing the current issues fixed up and seeing how amazing this pack can become!
    • By GTALawEnforcer · Posted
      ParksFan has a good bit of content created for GTA V, from plugins to scripts and various other projects. However Police Tape is in my opinion his best plugin for LSPDFR. If you play LSPDFR this plugin is a MUST HAVE. It allows you to easily deploy tape and barriers to attach the tape to, wherever you want and or need it. Perfect for when you have those large post shooting scenes with a lot of victims/suspects. You can tape off the area while you call EMS/Coroner and they render aid. Peds will stay out of the taped off area and look and gaze at the scene within. You can also attach the tape to any surface so it's very convenient even if you don't deploy any barriers. For example you can easily cordon off a street by taping off the intersections at the traffic lights, etc. Be sure to use one of the alternative textures for the tape as well!. The default is just a striped design. You  get " Crime Scene do not cross " and " Police Line do not cross " textures in the download as well. Use them!.
    • By GTALawEnforcer · Posted
      With Police Search out of date and non compatible, Darkmyre's Search Warrant is the last man standing!. And understanding so as it's the superior search plugin. Allowing you to search vehicles and peds, and add custom items to THREE various lists with everything from general items to firearms and narcotics. Stop The Ped, and many other plugins can rely on the Search Warrant plugin and it changes the game when it comes to variety upon your vehicle and ped frisk/searches.
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