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About This File

GTA Comes Alive aims to enrich your GTA experience by adding a variety of ambient events that will occur around you as you play. Although written primarily for use with LSPDFR, this is a standalone plugin that can be used both on and off duty. The events do not trigger any blips or notifications, allowing for more natural policing when used with LSPDFR. Ambient events have a chance of triggering every three minutes, and the plugin currently contains the following potential ambient events: Blown Engine, Burnout, Cardiac Arrest, Flat Tyre, GTA, Lost MC, Drowsy Driver, Mugging, Murder, Road Rage, Reckless Driver,  Aircraft Crash, Brawl, Drag Race

This plugin is currently a beta, and may contain bugs. I'll be actively working to fix any issues reported, as well as adding new ambient events in future versions.


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