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Holden VL Commodore

Model: Turn10 Studios (Forza Horizon 3)

Conversion: ConsKrypt.
Texturing: ConsKrypt.
Templating: ConsKrypt.

Currently working on the metas and will update this page to include those metas in 0.2 for addon version, for now please replace PRIMO (will be slow as fuuuuuck though)

Known issues:

  1. Some faces remain flipped (interior only) 
  2. Dials not working
  3. Hands not on steeringwheel correctly. [ FIXED: in Version PR-0.2 ]
  4. No tuning mods available yet. [ ADDED: in Version PR-0.2 but NOT ENABLED YET ]
  5. Bonnet sometimes likes to hide itself in the engine. :D Dont ask, i have no fuckin idea how it manages to do so :P FIXED: in Version PR-0.2 ]
  6. Small defect near right headlight (needs remodel in that area).


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