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    Agency Callouts

    Agency Callouts adds some variety to your LSPD:FR experience. When going on duty, the officer model you choose will determine your agency, which in turn will determine which callouts are enabled. Some callouts are available for multiple agencies, but react differently depending on your active agency. Currently the plugin adds the following callouts, with more planned for future versions:
    Domestic Disturbance [LSPD / Sheriff] - investigate a domestic disturbance call, and arrest anyone breaking the law. Multiple different scenarios - not all of them peaceful! High Speed Pursuit (SAHP / Fed): Officers engaged in a high-speed pursuit with an illegally modified sports car have called for backup. Homicide Investigation (LSPD / Sheriff): Assist another first responder with questioning potential witnesses to a homicide.  Livestock On Road (Sheriff): Several animals have wandered onto the road and are obstructing traffic. Motor Vehicle Accident (LSPD / Sheriff / SAHP): An MVA has occurred nearby, respond to the scene. Take the drivers statements by pressing T (if they survived). Roadblock [SAHP] - assist a fellow officer bring a pursuit (hopefully) to an end by establishing a road block ahead of the suspect. Stolen Vehicle Spotted (LSPD / Sheriff / SAHP / Fed): Officers on foot have spotted a stolen vehicle in the neighbourhood. Street Racing [SAHP] - civilians have reported two vehicles street racing, can you catch them both? Surveillance Target (LSPD / Sheriff / Fed): A gang member is moving through the city with an unknown agenda. Tail them to see what they're up to, but be careful not to spook them. This callout features several different scenarios when the gang member reaches their destination. Suspected Meth Lab (LSPD / Sheriff / Fed): A civilian has called in reporting suspicious smells coming from an RV on the side of the road. Suspicious Fertilizer Purchase (Fed): A large purchase of fertilizer has triggered a potential terror alert. Bring the buyer in for further questioning. Welfare Check (LSPD / Sheriff): A civilian has called in concerned about the welfare of a friend or relative.  
    The plugin also includes the following miscellaneous features aimed at making your patrol easier:
    Improved loadouts: All officers receive a flashlight, SWAT receives an assault rifle and body armour, Federal Agents receive an SMG. Collect a fresh set of gear at any time (while on duty) via the menu
    Downtown Police Station improvements: While on duty, approach the garage door to warp into the garage without walking around the building.
    Duty Menu: While on duty, press CTRL+END to bring up the duty menu. From here you can: request air support, a mechanic to fix your car, or a taxi to transport a civilian; get a fresh loadout; or end the current call.
    Experimental Crime Scene Control: Using the duty menu, it is possible to freeze/release nearby AI police to prevent crime scenes from escalating out of control due to aggressive police driving. THIS FEATURE IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL - USE WITH CAUTION


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    Search Warrant

    This plugin allows an officer to quickly and thoroughly search any pedestrian or vehicle from one conventient key binding. Searching vehicles conducts a full search, providing the player with a report after searching all areas of the car. Available items can be customized via XML files, and include a size classification to prevent unrealistic search results. Players can even create and share their own item collections by adding a new XML file to the Search folder (Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/). When the search concludes, the game is briefly paused allowing time to absorb the search results and decide how to proceed.
    Customizing Items
    All of the items used by this plugin can be located in Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/. You can either edit the provided XML files, or create a new XML file using an existing file as a template. Each item should have an entry as follows, with all fields being mandatory:
        <item>a passport</item>
    An items size determines where it can be found. Small and medium items can be found on peds or in any vehicle location, however peds can only carry a maximum of 1 medium item. Large items can only be found in vehicle trunks.
    An item's status determines if it should be highlighted in the search results screen: illegal/narcotics items are highlighted red, suspicious items are highlighted yellow, and all other items are currently unhighlighted.
    Callout Integration (For Developers)
    Search Warrant utilizes the Metadata of pedestrians and vehicles to both remember search results, and provide a conventient way for plugin authors to influence the items found. Simply assign a string describing your items to one of the following Metadata items, and Search Warrant will return your string rather than randomly selecting items for that slot:
    ped.Metadata.searchPed="Some items found on the ped";
    vehicle.Metadata.searchDriver="Some items found on the drivers(left) side";
    vehicle.Metadata.searchPassenger="Some items found on the passenger(right) side";
    vehicle.Metadata.searchTrunk="Some items found in the boot/trunk";
    It is not necessary to provide all search Metadata for vehicles - the plugin will randomize any that are missing.


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    RGB Effects (Corsair Only)

    This lightweight plugin takes advantage of the iCUE SDK to turn your Function keys (F1-F12) into a virtual lightbar. While in an emergency vehicle with its lights active, your function keys will flash red and blue. Great for first person LSPDFR patrols!
    This plugin has only been tested on my Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, but should work on any Corsair RGB keyboard with a current version of iCUE and the SDK option enabled.
    I may add other functionality in the future, but otherwise this is provided as-is.


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    UnitedCallouts (Robbery, Drugs, Burglary & More)

    UnitedCallouts V.1.5.3
    Join on my Discord-Server -
    for the newest information about the Plugin.
    About the Callouts: Robbery, Drugs, Gangs, Burglary, Murder
    Note: Keep the version up to date! (Current Version: 1.5.3)
    Including an documentation with more infos.
    Copy the files of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR". Copy the folder of "Lspdfr\audio\scanner" in: "GTA V directory\lspdfr\audio\scanner".  
    LSPDFR 0.4 (or higher) RagePluginHook 0.64 (or higher) A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail or Steam)  
    Special thanks to Not AJ for testing my Plugin  He also made the amazing screenshots!  
    Current Callouts: 
    You are welcome to write suggestions in the comments. Maybe that comes in an update.
    1. Mugging 
        A person is attacked and needs immediate help!
    2. Person with Knife
        A psychiatric person has a knife and tries to kill himself or others.
        Dialogue (+)     Different endings and possibilities. 3. GangAttack
         Two gangs trying to kill each other.
    4. Stolen Emergency Vehicle
       A person has stolen a police car or an ambulance!
       (Ambulance, Police1, Police3, Firetruck or Police2)
    5. Stolen Truck 
       A truck was stolen. Try to stop him.
    6. Stolen Bus
       A stolen bus! Are there hostages in there?
    7. MoneyTruck is robbed
       A MoneyTruck was robbed and stolen.
    8. KillerClown was seen
       A killer clown was seen. Try to arrest him before he comes up with stupid thoughts.
    9. Plane Hijacking
       An airplane was stolen at the airport. Are there hostages?
    10. DrugDealer
           We found a well-known drug dealer. Stop him and try to contact him.
          Dialogue (+)       Different endings and possibilities. 11. Burglary into an apartment
          Someone broke into an apartment! Help the person in the apartment.
         Different handlings. 12. Drug Deal
          A drug dealer sells drugs to a random person.
    Known bugs: 
    If you have found bugs, then report them in the comments or me privately.


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    Police Partner

    Police Partner lets you take an AI officer, fully decked out in the latest EUP fashion, with you on your next patrol. Your partner will assist with traffic stops, pursuits, and general duties during the course of your patrol. Partners are even capable of driving (well, about as capable as any other GTA AI) allowing you to sit back and eat some donuts for a change!
    This plugin is currently in beta, and may contain bugs and issues. When reporting issues, please remember to include the relevant section of your RagePluginHook.log (located in your main GTA directory).
    Current Features
    Summon or dismiss a partner wearing EUP-compatible uniforms. Several different uniforms available - LSPD, LSPD (Wet Weather), Sheriff SWAT, and Undercover. Weapon mimicking - anytime you change your equipped weapon (including to unarmed), your partner will do likewise. Default follow mode - on foot, your partner will try and maintain a position to your right. Getting in/out of a car will cause your partner to do likewise. Traffic Stop AI - partner will leave door open for protection when exiting patrol car. If equipped with any weapon, partner will aim it at the vehicle for the duration of the stop. Pursuit AI - if equipped with a weapon and suspect is in a vehicle, partner will fire on the vehicle. If suspect is on foot, partner will give chase, drawing and aiming at the suspect when he gets close enough. Partner will always target the closest pursuit suspect to him. Valet service - If the partner isn't busy, is closer to your patrol car than you, and you are a reasonable distance from your patrol car, the partner will drive the patrol car closer.  Drive mode - Instead of riding shotgun, your partner will take the wheel. Set a waypoint as normal to have the partner drive there code 2, otherwise your partner will cruise around. Some support for pursuits and traffic stops (still very much a work in progress).  
    Known Issues
    K9 Pursuit AI still needs improvements.  


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    Patrol Toolkit

    Patrol Toolkit

    Rage Plugin Hook 0.61+
    LSPDFR 0.31
    RageNativeUI 1.6.3
    DarkAPI 3.0
    Simply copy the contents of the "Files" folder to your root GTA directory. Patrol Toolkit will be activated when you go on-duty, do not attempt to load it from the Rage console.
    Optionally, copy the contents of "Australian Mode" or "New Zealand Mode" to your GTA directory. You can also just enable either of these modes by following the directions inside the INI.
    To use the plugin, simply press F9 (by default - can be changed in the INI) to open the menu.
    General Features
    Optional Australian and New Zealand modes, with Canadian mode coming soon - these modes add additional license types and other features specific to these countries.
    Extensive license and records check: Stand next to the ped in question and use the Records Check to radio dispatch for a full write-up on the suspect. See important alerts about the suspect, a full list of various licenses they may hold, and records of any prior convictions. Best of all, you don't need to remember or type the suspects crazy-ass name!
    RBT/DUI Helper: Easily conduct a realistic RBT/DUI Checkpoint with this scripted helper - choose where you want the vehicles to stop, then aim at your target vehicle and tap a button to waive them over. This works independantly to the included breathalyzer, allowing those who prefer Traffic Policer's breathalyzer to still take advantage of the RBT script. Since we all know Los Santos drivers cant drive, traffic will also be slowed for the duration of the RBT to help preserve officer lives. Please note the RBT feature only provides scripting support for stopping drivers - BYO chase cars, barriers, signs and cones as desired. 
    License Plate Checker: Check the plate of the nearest non-police vehicle, seeing the registered owner and the registration expiry date. Slight chance that non-stolen vehicles will be driven by family members of the registered owner. Displays flags for stolen vehicles and wanted owners, as well as the status of the owners license.
    Coroner Service: Qualified medical examiners will be dispatched from the nearest hospital. Upon arrival, the ME's will observe and make notes about each deceased person before removing the body. Only once there are no further dead bodies on scene will the coroners return to their post, ready for the next call.
    Integration with Better EMS, allowing easy selection of either Ambulance or Fire & Ambulance from the Patrol Toolkit menu.
    Drug Swab based on the Australian roadside drug test kits, capable of detecting Canabis, Meth and MDMA (Ecstasy).
    Issue vehicle defect notices, with the option to have the vehicle impounded. This feature can be disabled for countries that do not issue these types of infringements.
    Extended, highly customizable traffic infringement system allowing motorists to be ticketed for multiple offences. Offences (including name, fine amount, and license demerits) can be fully customized to suit your local/preferred laws.
    Australian/New Zealand Features
    Australian-tuned Breathalyzer: No more trying to figure out WTF a promile is! Aussie Cops includes a BAC-based breathalyzer which flags any reading over .05. It also does more than simply randomize a number to determine BAC, which generally results in much more realistic believable readings.
    Australian licensing categories: Peds can now have Learners Permits or Provisional 1/2 licences, allowing for much more immersive Australian patrols. Drivers will also randomly be endorsed for the various categories of truck licenses. In New Zealand mode, P1/2 licenses are replaced with Restricted licenses.
    Recommended for US/Lore-friendly gameplay:
    Video Spotlight


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    LSPDFR Comes Alive

    LSPDFR Comes Alive aims to enrich your GTA experience by adding a variety of ambient events that will occur around you as you play. Originally developed as a standalone plugin, this version integrates directly into LSPDFR allowing more control over when events occur. Crimes your character witnesses will trigger a pursuit against the suspect, allowing you to more easily intercept them and bring them to justice.
    Rage Plugin Hook 0.51
    DarkmyreAPI 3.0 (included)
    Simply copy the contents of the "Files" folder to your root GTA directory. LSPDFR Comes Alive will be activated when you go on duty. It is highly advisable to unload GTA Comes Alive before going on duty with this plugin.


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    Passive Radar

    This plugin equips your vehicle with a passively-scanning speed radar, loosely based on the real-world Stalker DSR 2X unit. The radar will scan traffic ahead and behind your vehicle, flagging any travelling above the preset speed. It can also detect vehicles that have been reported stolen, and will notify the operator of these when there are no speed alerts. The unit can be switched between imperial (mph) or metric (KM/h) via the included INI file. The INI also allows the operator to set the default target speed, and toggle on/off the blipping of target vehicles and the detection of stolen vehicles. In game, the operator is able to adjust the target speed on-the-fly using the Page Up/Page Down keys. The radar can be toggled on/off using the Tab key. These are the default key bindings, and can be changed via the INI file.


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    DarkAPI is a required dependency of all of my RPH plugins. Although it is included with my plugins, some plugins may have an older version, and so now I am making the latest version of DarkAPI available as a standalone download. To use simply extract it into your GTA folder. Obviously, this will have no effect unless you also have one of my plugins installed.


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    Vehicle Management

    This mod adds a fuel management system to vehicles. When the player gets into a vehicle for the first time, a random fuel level is allocated to the car. As you drive, your fuel decreases (faster with more aggressive driving), and if your car runs dry it will be disabled. Visit any of the in-game fuel stations to refuel, but remember to pay the clerk before leaving or expect some police attention. Fuel levels are tracked for the cars you drive during a session, but do not persist across game reloads.
    This mod also adds automatically triggered indicators and hazard lights: simply turn left or right in a car, and your indicators will come on and remain on for a few seconds after your turn. You can also press the left or right arrow on your keyboard to start the indicators flashing for 5 seconds, without needing to keep your wheels turned. Your hazard lights should automatically engage when you are parked near a road. You can also toggle your hazards on/off using the spacebar regardless of where you are parked.
    To bring up the Vehicle Management menu, press CTRL+Z.
    Known Issues
    Due to deliberate limitations set by Rockstar, the payment side of buying fuel does not function when playing as any ped other than Franklin/Michael/Trevor. This essentially means non-storymode peds have free fuel for now.


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    Police Tape

    It's Los Santos... people get shot, people get run over, things catch fire... and it's usually all your fault. Eventually, you need to do something to keep nosy bystanders out of your business. Ever wished you could quickly close off a freeway so no cars can get by? Ever wanted to block off the scene of a dead body so that curious pedestrians couldn't tell who exactly shot them? Perhaps you just want to peacefully do some construction work, but oblivious drivers keep driving into your work zone. Or maybe you're fighting a fire, and need to stop rubberneckers from wandering into harm's way. 
    No matter what you do in Los Santos, Police Tape is here to keep everyone else out of your way.
    Featuring dynamic tape with cloth physics that blows in the wind Aim-and-click tape and barrier placement lets you attach tape to any surface Built-in advanced traffic control stops even the stupidest San Andreas drivers Ped path blocking prevents most ambient peds from crossing police lines, while allowing backup, medics, coroners, and suspects to keep going Full API lets plugin and callout creators add tape to their own scenes Tape import/export system lets you save your tape and include saved tape scenes in callouts Tape management menu to delete individual strands of tape and manage traffic control Customize your tape texture to get different text or patterns OIV installer to install scripts and police tape model files  
    Join the Parks Benefactor Program to join my exclusive Discord server and get early access to mod updates and new mods like this one! Special thanks to all the members of the Parks Benefactor Program who helped make the development of this mod possible! And a huge shoutout to the Old Faithful level donors who have gone above and beyond to support my modding: Kilyin, Sergeant Anderson, Magiobiwan, bobmat4, Flynn40, FairCop. 
    KNOWN ISSUE: The tape sometimes droops through the ground, especially when there is not much wind or with longer pieces of tape. User more barriers and shorter pieces of tape to help reduce this effect. This is due to the limitations of what cloth physics can do in zmodeler/GTA V. I am looking for a way to make the tape more taught, but so far it does not appear to be possible. If you want to try to improve the model files to reduce this issue, by all means feel free to give it a try and let me know if you find anything else. Please do not complain about drooping tape in reviews, this is a KNOWN ISSUE that I CAN NOT FIX because of limitations of the game engine that are outside of my control. 
    KNOWN ISSUE: You may need to install a modified gameconfig.xml, depending on your version of GTA V. If you already have a modified gameconfig.xml to support add-on vehicles, you should be OK. If you haven't before and your game crashes on startup after installing Police Tape, you need to install a custom gameconfig. Below are links to gameconfig.xml versions that are known to be compatible with Police Tape for several recent game versions. 
    Oleg for adding cloth physics support to zmodeler 3 alexguirre for RageNativeUI alexguirre and "Unknown Modder" for help with fragment resizing memory editing LtFlash for the 3D Marker class (modified by PNWParksFan) Khorio for help with blocking peds and vehicles from crossing a line MulleDK and the RPH team for RagePluginHook  PNWParksFan - everything else  
    Manual uninstallation instructions:


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  12. Free


    _  ______________   _  ___  _________ 
      | |/_/ __/ ___/ _ | / |/ / |/ / __/ _ \
     _>  <_\ \/ /__/ __ |/    /    / _// , _/
    /_/|_/___/\___/_/ |_/_/|_/_/|_/___/_/|_|by khorio 
    XScanner is an LSPDFR Scanner replacement.
    MP3 playback Scanner volume control Audio queueing Hooking of calls to the LSPDFR default scanner,
    plugins don't need to update to make use of XScanner. Extensive API for developers Ambient vehicle background scanner POI audio
    and more,   
    Default audio for streets is included.
    Installation: Place files from the "Grand Theft Auto V" folder into your game installation folder.
    Settings can be found in Plugins\LSPDFR\XScanner\Config\XScanner.ini
    Audio volume can be set by holding down Ctrl-Shift and pressing +-
    If you would like to join the early access program and be the first to use and test plugins like:
    Automatic Roadblocks SWAT Revamped Rednecks! Special Ops you can find more info here.
    API documentation and wrapper example class is included for developers.
    This WILL break Automatic Roadblocks v1.x, Automatic Roadblocks 2 will be released within the next week
    and will require XScanner.
    Special thanks to all my early access members, especially Kilyin for his generosity.
    PNWParksFan for allround help, stresstesting and always delaying my releases alexguirre for memory edits and help with hooking Darkmyre for testing buggy releases khorio for everything else  
    Any issues, don't hesitate to leave a message.


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    Chicago Police Computer+ Background

    Thanks for Downloading!! this is my Chicago police computer plus background as you may know this when you have computer plus you can change the background of it this does that 
    **Sneak peek** (Special Thanks to Doug1637 for using my background Also make sure to Subscribe to his YouTube Channel) 
    You can find the background in 41:56 stamp
    **Whats inside the File**
    The Install.txt file
    The Chicago Police Computer Plus Background


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    GTA Comes Alive

    GTA Comes Alive aims to enrich your GTA experience by adding a variety of ambient events that will occur around you as you play. Although written primarily for use with LSPDFR, this is a standalone plugin that can be used both on and off duty. The events do not trigger any blips or notifications, allowing for more natural policing when used with LSPDFR. Ambient events have a chance of triggering every three minutes, and the plugin currently contains the following potential ambient events: Blown Engine, Burnout, Cardiac Arrest, Flat Tyre, GTA, Lost MC, Drowsy Driver, Mugging, Murder, Road Rage, Reckless Driver,  Aircraft Crash, Brawl, Drag Race
    This plugin is currently a beta, and may contain bugs. I'll be actively working to fix any issues reported, as well as adding new ambient events in future versions.
    Video Spotlight: 
    CCTV GTA Comes Alive livestreams:


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    Custom Blips

    This plugin allows anyone to quickly add new Blips to your game.
    To accomplish this it reads all XML files from your <GTAV>\plugins\customBlips folder and creates the containing blips.
    You can create and look at such a XML file by using the RPH console commands AddBlip and SaveBlip.
    This plugin is open source and still in Beta expect bugs and features changing.


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