• Server Hotkeys


    General Actions

    ~ opens the ID menu (to show/view your ids)

    F1 opens the tablet

    F2 opens your inventory

    F3 opens your bag menu (if you have the bag item)
    F5 opens the trunk inventory of the closest vehicle (if unlocked)
    F6 opens the crafting menu (coming soon)

    F7 opens your invoice / billing menu (pay invoices and fines)

    F10 opens the player list
    F11 opens the animation menu

    E is the main action button for most things
    M opens the main menu with many other functions
    BackSpace is used to close all menus
    ESC or the home button can be used to close the tablet or head back to the home screen
    PageUp will open your Cell Phone
    PageDown will open your job menu, if available


    K will lock/unlock your car
    LeftShift will toggle your seatbelt
    LeftControl while in the driver's seat will turn off/on the engine


    Chat Commands
    /tweet make a tweet to the whole server (this should be in-character!)
    /ad makes a server-wide advertisement


    Note there is NO ooc/global chat. All in-game interactions should be in-character. General text-chat will appear over your character's head and be visible only to other nearby characters. For all OOC chat, please use the FederalRP discord (https://discord.gg/YpSQXbS)

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