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    The FederalRP Police Force (AFP inspired) is currently looking for officers to join our ranks. An exciting career that offers excellent remuneration in a dynamic and fast paced environment. Job opportunities include everything from walking through the city, piloting helicopters to investigating international crime rings. By joining the police force as a Constable, you can progress through into the many faucets of law enforcement encompassed by the AFP and NSW police forces (inspired).


    Some of these opportunities include:

    -          Executive leadership

    -          Criminal Investigation branch

    -          Counter Terrorism & Intelligence

    -          Traffic Operations & Highway Patrol

    -          General Duties


    Please note all Constables start assigned as General Duties officers. While on your probationary & training period you will always be required to be accompanied by a senior officer while on duty. Upon promotion to Senior Constable you will have the opportunity to be assigned to a specific branch depending on availability at the time. When this occurs, you will be placed on a training and probationary period under supervision in that branch until your training is complete.  


    Depending on your role you will have specific officers in charge of your branch that you will directly report to. At all times however you will always be required to follow the direction of any officer with senior rank. While not obligated to follow instructions of fellow team members of the same rank, we take our positive working culture very seriously. All officers are expected to work together to achieve our common goal and reports of disputes among ranks of any level will be taken very seriously. More information on our professional standards will be provided upon your successful employment within the force.



    -          Must be 18+

    -          Must be active on the server

    -          Must have a good quality microphone

    -          Must be able to use Discord & TeamSpeak

    -          Must have a good understanding of all server rules – for a lot of players interactions with the police will be some of the first interactions they have with the server. As such all officers are expected to be a role model representing the best of the server.


    If you meet the requirements and wish to apply for employment, please complete the application below and submit it at: https://www.ausgamer.net/applynow/


    Please take your time with your application, particularly the In Character (IC) section. In general, any incomplete or incorrect applications will not be accepted. The IC section exists to gauge your ability to role play; one word, inconsistent, inappropriate or poorly thought out answers will not do your application any favours. Formatting your application in a way that is easy to read will also be favoured - poorly formatted applications may be denied for that exact reason.



    Out of Character (OOC) Section:

    Real life age?

    Discord name?


    What experience do you have with police or any other emergency services RP?

    Steam profile link (link only – if you just put your steam name you will be denied):


    In Character (IC) Section:

    Full name:

    Date of Birth:


    Do you possess any relevant qualifications?

    What can you bring to the police force?

    What motivated you to join the police force?

    What are your long-term goals in life?

    Why does a round pizza come in a square box?


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